Time Will Tell

Tate Polsier is a triplet. She has always had a good life. The best sisters, a loving mum. Her and her sisters, Kassie and Kimmi, decide to move to college. It all goes very wrong from there.


1. The beginning

‘F*ck me it’s hot in here!’ Kassie exclaimed as she fanned herself with her hand. ‘Open the window then!’ We replied laughing at her. ‘Jesus, it is open!’ She said laughing too. Me and Kimmi looked at each other and laughed. ‘What? Why did I miss out on this telepathy thing?’ Kas said peering between the two of us. ‘I don’t know!’ I replied. ‘Look, there it is!’ Kimmi exclaimed excitedly, clapping her hands. ‘Okay Kiki, calm down.’ I said giggling as I turned the corner to enter the little garage. I parked and we grabbed the boxes out of the trunk. Clicking my key chain to lock the car, I followed the girls into the apartment. ‘Holy sh*t this place is huge!’ I exclaimed, setting down the boxes on a soft brown rug. ‘Ahh!’ Kimmi screamed excitedly. ‘What?’ Kas and I said. She pointed inside a door and we looked inside. It was the biggest bedroom I had ever seen, plus it had an en suite! We all ran inside, opening every draw and cupboard in the room. I peered inside the en suite. It had a huge bath with a shower, a standing blow-dryer and a huge mirror. ‘Wow’ I breathed.

After 10 minutes of screaming over everything, we sat down on the cute little white sofa. ‘Hey, I read in the brochure that there’s a mall on campus, wanna go check it out?’ Kas asked us. Kimmi jumped at the chance. ‘Nah, I’ll stay here.’ I replied. I wanted to unpack. ‘Okay then Tate, You sure though?’ Kimmi asked me. I nodded and they both hugged me and left. I scooted off the sofa onto the floor and over to the boxes. I spotted the one with ‘College Supplies’ wrote on it. I opened it and pulled out my Art and Child Care supplies out to check everything was there. When I was sure, I put it back into the box and picked it up, along with the other 5 boxes. Grunting I carried them into our room and dumped them on the middle bed, mine. I put their boxes on their beds and opened up the first of mine. Clothes. I unpacked them all into the closet and put my underwear in a drawer. The second box was shoes. I put them in the bottom of the closet. The last box was my personal belongings. I put the boxes into the living room and went to sort out the rest of my things.

Once all my belonging were sorted and put somewhere, the room felt cosier. I grabbed my IPod off of the dresser and sat on my bed with a new book in the series I had been recently reading. I was engrossed by the second song. I closed my eyes for a minute, soaking up the sun beaming in through the big window. All of a sudden it went dark, like it would on a rainy day. I opened my eyes to see someone looming over me. Before I could scream he pressed a foul smelling rag to my nose. Everything went black. 

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