Time Will Tell

Tate Polsier is a triplet. She has always had a good life. The best sisters, a loving mum. Her and her sisters, Kassie and Kimmi, decide to move to college. It all goes very wrong from there.


11. Four years later and a familiar face

‘Caleb, can you get Issy to school?’ I asked as I was feeding Jayden. ‘Yeah Honey. Issy! Are you ready?’ He shouted. ‘Yeah Dad!’ She shouted, running into the front room. She looked adorable in her little school uniform. She came over and kissed Jayden on the head and gave me a kiss. ‘Have a good day sweetheart.’ I said. Caleb held her hand and they went out the door. She went to the school within the secure unit. Jayden had just had his fourth birthday and he was growing fast. He had big blue eyes and blonde hair. My dad used to come over each day to give me and Caleb a break but now he’s so good that he doesn’t need to. We take him out for walks and the other people in the secure unit that are fast becoming closer to us always comment on how gorgeous he is.

‘Hey honey, want to go for a walk?’ Caleb asked once he got back from taking Issy to school. ‘Yeah, let me get Jay.’ I replied. I picked him up out of the highchair. ‘Okay, let’s go.’ I said, smiling. Caleb took Jayden’s other hand and we walked to the park. Jayden played on the slide whilst I lent my head on Caleb’s shoulder. He held me gently, stroking my hair and kissing the top of my head every so often. Jayden kept running up to us with daisies and things he had found. After around an hour Jayden got hungry so we went to SandyWitch. I love this place, I thought as I looked around, breathing in the smell of fresh bread. My eyes drifted over someone and then snapped right back onto them. ‘Tate, what’s up?’ Caleb whispered in my ear. I let out a small whimper and turned, pressing my head against his shoulder. ‘I could swear that’s Aiden.’ I whispered shakily. I felt him tighten against me and he grabbed Jayden’s hand. ‘Can I help you?’ Mary asked from behind the till. ‘Hey Mary, can I get a fry-up baguette, a chicken sandwich and, what do you want Jay?’ He asked, trying to sound normal. ‘Can I have a kid’s ham roll meal please?’ Jayden asked Mary politely. She smiled at him and told Caleb the price. He paid and left as soon as we got our food. I was shaking uncontrollably.

Caleb went out to the Corner shop where he now worked and I put Jay down for his nap. He didn’t usually have one but he was really tired today. I stared down at my beautiful little boy. He was amazing in every way. Just then the phone rang so I ran to answer it before it woke Jay. ‘Hello.’ I said. I heard breathing from the other end of the line. ‘Hey Baby’. SH*T! Before I could say anything I passed out. ‘Tate! Oh sweetheart, I shouldn’t have left you!’ I heard Caleb say from above me. ‘I’m fine.’ I said shakily. ‘He called me.’ I whispered. He nodded. ‘I know. He was still on the line when I got back.’ He replied, pulling me towards him. I leaned up, crashing my mouth into his. We kissed passionately for a long time and I felt safe again. ‘We need to be moved.’ He said. ‘Sh*t Caleb, we’re late getting Issy!’ I gasped. He smiled and shook his head. ‘I got her, she’s in her room playing.’ He replied softly. I sighed and leaned against him. Warm tears slipped gracefully down my face, seeping slowly into his top. He held me until I stopped crying, pulling me up and sitting me on the sofa. ‘I’ll do tea, you sit right here.’ He said, kissing my temple. I smiled at him as he went into the kitchen. Issy came running in, Jayden in tow and they both curled up on their beanbags, switching on the TV. ‘SpongeBob!’ They both shouted happily as the yellow cartoon sponge came onto the screen. We sat and watched as he flipped burger patties and annoyed Squidward. Caleb came out holding a delicious smelling dish of Lasagne. He placed it on the table and turned off the TV just as the last of the credits rolled. They all tucked it with relish and I picked and played with mine. I couldn’t get him off my mind. More specifically, the torture.

*Tate’s Dream*  

‘Hey baby.’ Aiden said, strolling in to the class and picking me up off my seat. He held me up by my arse and forced his tongue into my mouth. I had to pretend I enjoyed this when all it did was disgust me. He finally set me down on the table and caressed me, right in front of everyone. I smiled a timid smile and stood. He squeezed my arse as I resumed my position in my seat. ‘Aiden, leave off.’ I said flirtily. He would kill me if I said it any other way. ‘You’re my baby and I want to hold you forever.’ He said, nibbling my ear. Bile rose in my throat. I swallowed hard, willing myself not to throw up. I hated this. He picked me up again even though I went floppy, trying to make myself so heavy that he couldn’t pick me up. He laid me on the table, pinning me down. ‘No Aiden, not here, please.’ I begged desperately. Everyone gasped once they realised what was going to happen and they all left the room. He raped me right there on the table.

I awoke in a cold sweat, screaming and crying. ‘It’s okay Tate, I’m here.’ Caleb said, pulling me close. I shook uncontrollably and wailed. ‘Oh sweetheart.’ He said sadly. Aiden’s face stuck in my mind, the way it was all contorted with supposed love for me. I couldn’t stop wailing as a million tears raced down my face like a million hot raindrops. Caleb wiped my cheeks, trying to stop the tears. I couldn’t believe that Aiden had managed to get into the secure unit. We needed to get out of here. Fast.

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