Time Will Tell

Tate Polsier is a triplet. She has always had a good life. The best sisters, a loving mum. Her and her sisters, Kassie and Kimmi, decide to move to college. It all goes very wrong from there.


7. Dad?

‘I can’t believe you’re here.’ I said, muffled slightly by my dad’s shoulder. ‘I’m sorry I’ve missed so much Tate, but I’m here now and I’ll be living in the flat next to you.’ He said, hugging me tightly. I heard Isabelle’s voice behind me. I pulled away from my dad and looked around the door. Caleb was bent down and Isabelle rushed towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck. He enveloped her gently in a hug. I watched as she pulled away and he stood up. Walking into the room, I invited my dad in. He refused and said he’d be round after unpacking. I nodded and closed the door. ‘Where should I put my things Miss Polsier?’ Caleb asked. His voice glided over me like a blanket of safety. Isabelle went into our bedroom. ‘Call me Tate and I have a sofa bed so you could sleep there.’ I said quietly. I felt uncomfortable at the thought of having a man sleeping in the flat but Caleb was gorgeous so I was okay with it. Just then, Isabelle came back into the room with her pillow, Teddy following close behind. ‘I’ll sleep in here, you go in dat room with Daddy.’ She said, peering up at me with her beautiful big eyes. My mouth dropped open. ‘No sweetheart, and he’s not your daddy.’ I said, trying to sound strong when all I wanted to do was cry at the word daddy. ‘Yes he is. I want him as my Daddy. Please Mummy?’ She pleaded, looking sad. I sighed and bowed my head. A hand rested on my shoulder. ‘I’m sorry about that, she called me Daddy so I went along with it. I really didn’t mean to upset you.’ Caleb whispered in my ear. I instantly felt calmed. I looked into his beautiful brown eyes and moved my head towards his. His lips brushed mine, sending tiny electric shocks through my lips. He opened his mouth beneath mine and I slipped my tongue inside. He massaged mine with his. He gently pulled away, looking deeper into my eyes than before. ‘I’m sorry for that.’ He whispered. ‘Don’t be.’ I replied, smiling.

After he had moved his things into the room, I made us a cup of coffee and Isabelle a cup of juice. Caleb lifted her into her chair and she smiled up at him.   He rubbed her cheek with his finger and came to stand next to me. I relaxed in as he gently put his hand on my lower back. ‘Need any help.’ He said softly. I shook my head and leaned into his hand slightly. There was only one word that I could’ve used to describe how I felt at that moment. Safe. I handed him his coffee and sipped mine slowly, the warmth burning down my throat. I smiled as I looked over at Isabelle, amazed that something that beautiful could’ve come from an experience so horrible. She smiled at us. ‘Daddy, can you get me down? I need toilet.’ She said. Caleb set down his coffee on the counter and lifted her gently out of her chair. ‘Sankyou’ She squealed, running to the toilet. Caleb looked at me and we both laughed. ‘Mummy?’ Isabelle called from the toilet. ‘Yes sweetheart?’ I replied. ‘Can we have tinese for tea?’ She asked. Me and Caleb burst out laughing all over again. ‘Of course honey.’ I shouted back. I scanned the menu, choosing egg fried rice, chicken chow mein and pork balls. I threw the menu at Caleb and he decided on Lemon chicken, special chow mein, special fried rice and battered chicken strips. ‘Wow, that’s a lot for one person!’ I commented jokily and he flashed me a dazzling smile. ‘I’m a hungry boy!’ He replied laughing. By the look of his muscles and his figure he could afford as many calories as he liked. I thought, my eyes scanning his body. He dialled the number and I told him to say that it was for a Caleb Taylor and that he would come and collect it once the order was done. Isabelle had been in the toilet for a long time, I thought. ‘Isabelle?’ I called. I heard a stir from the toilet. I walked to the door and pushed it open. Slumped over the bath, was Isabelle, fast asleep. ‘Isabelle, sweetheart, wake up.’ I said softly. She sat up rubbing her eyes. ‘Mummy ordered tinese?’ She asked. I nodded and picked her up. She rested her head on my shoulder as I carried her into the front room. Caleb offered to take her so I passed her to him. I walked into my room and set up the sofa bed. Caleb came and laid Isabelle down on the bed and covered her over with her white fluffy blanket. Teddy came and curled up on her feet. ‘So, I’m sleeping in that big comfy bed with you?’ Caleb asked. I nodded and he smiled. ‘At least I can…’ The doorbell rang before he had a chance to finish. As he walked towards the door I grabbed his arm. ‘At least you can what?’ I asked. ‘At least I can keep you both safe.’ He replied, his eyes steady on mine.

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