Time Will Tell

Tate Polsier is a triplet. She has always had a good life. The best sisters, a loving mum. Her and her sisters, Kassie and Kimmi, decide to move to college. It all goes very wrong from there.


12. Australia

‘Hey little man.’ I said, ruffling Jayden’s hair. He smiled up at me sleepily. ‘Come on, school time.’ I whispered. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. ‘Okay, can I have coco pops?’ He asked, his blue eyes bright. I nodded and he hopped out of bed. I walked into the kitchen and got a bowl out from the cupboard. Just as I’d finished pouring milk onto the cereal, Jayden came out of his bedroom. ‘Dad, do I look alright?’ He asked, sitting down. ‘Yeah, why?’ I questioned. ‘Photo day.’ He said through a mouthful of coco pops. I laughed. I walked into my bedroom to see if Tate was awake. Nope, sleeping still. I walked back into the kitchen to find Jayden putting his empty bowl in the sink. ‘You’ve still got ages yet mate!’ I exclaimed, checking my watch just to be sure. 7:30. He still had an hour and 15 minutes before school started. ‘I’m going to draw, if that’s okay?’ He asked. I laughed again. ‘Of course it’s okay!’ I said. He smiled at me and ran into his room to draw. I decided to do some laundry and after doing that I just sat in the living room chair thinking about how great my life had turned out. 

9 years ago I had been sent here to be Tate’s personal agent. We had fallen in love and had gotten married. Then we’d had Jayden. He was so cute and I loved him to pieces. He was my biological son but I loved Isabelle the same. Isabelle was Tate’s daughter. She had known me since she was 3 and the day I arrived she had called me daddy. She was a spitting image of her mum and I had seen almost every one of her birthdays. It’s hard to believe that she’s 12 now. Oh sh*t! She isn’t up!

‘Isabelle, honey, wake up.’ I said. She woke up and yawned. ‘Hey dad.’ She said, climbing out of bed. ‘Hey sweetheart, good sleep?’ I asked. ‘Yeah, I need a wee!’ She replied, walking out and into the toilet. I smiled and walked back into the kitchen. Tate was drinking a cup of coffee on the sofa. ‘Hey beautiful, I said, kissing her head. ‘Hey handsome.’ She replied smiling. I checked the time. 8:30. ‘Jay, it’s half eight.’ I shouted. Within seconds he came rushing from his bedroom. ‘I’m meeting Lily.’ He said, kissing Tate and me goodbye. ‘Bye Jay!’ We both shouted. Issy came walking in from her room, fully dressed and made-up. She had her hair down and pulled to the side. It was extremely long so it hung down to just below the waist. ‘Bye Mum, bye dad, love you!’ She said as she grabbed an apple and kissed us both. ‘Well, what do you want to do today?’ I asked Tate as I went into the kitchen and changed over the washing. ‘Can we go in the pool?’ She asked. ‘Of course!’ I replied happily. We had been moved into a new secure unit in Australia and we had a pool! The flat was like our old one, but bigger and had bigger windows. I had decorated it to Tate’s requests and it was beautiful. The living room was white and we had white furniture, it was very calming. The kitchen had been tiled with ivory tiles and the cupboards had burgundy handles. Issy had asked for her room to be painted blue on two walls, white on the other two.  Her bed was a white pine double and she had a white wardrobe. Jayden had his room painted white so he could change the furniture to whatever colour he wanted. At the moment it was all pine furniture. I had painted mine and Tate’s room white on two walls and wallpapered it on the other two. The wallpaper had gold flowers on it. Our bed was a king sized pine. Tate had chosen gold and white bed linen and had lined the shelves that she’s insisted I put up with ornaments. As a surprise, I had taken us all to a photographer and had gotten him to take a family picture in Sepia. I had mounted it in a white pine frame and fixed it up on the main wall. We were all smiling and it was a beautiful picture.

‘Okay, enough, enough!’ I spluttered as Tate splashed me with water. She laughed and I swam over, picking her up. She kissed me and I sat her on the edge of the pool. She was wearing a white and gold bikini and she looked lovely. Her skin was gently tanned and her hair was a lighter blonde due to the sun. She had put it up in a messy bun and some strands fell loosely around her face. My heart pounded with love for her. She smiled at me and stood up. She walked round to the diving board and did a flip back into the pool. I clapped and pulled myself out. ‘Watch and learn.’ I said, winking. She laughed again as I got onto the diving board. I jumped and did a triple somersault before diving into the cool water.  ‘Ooo, show-off!’ She shouted, laughing again. I swam over to her and kissed her. She smiled beneath it and I felt so happy. I knew that I would never stop loving this girl. She completed me. I couldn’t imagine life without her, Jayden and Issy in it. They were my world now and I planned to keep it that way for as long as possible.

‘Mum! Dad! I got the lead role in the school performance!’ Issy screamed as she ran out of school. I hugged her. ‘Well done sweetheart! Where’s Jay?’ I asked. ‘With Lily, he’ll be over in a minute.’ She replied, turning to Tate to talk about this performance. She loved singing and was really good. She had practiced day in, day out for this part and all her hard work had paid off. I looked over to where Jayden was standing with Lily. She had ginger hair pulled into a loose plait. They were laughing about something. She leaned over then and kissed him. He stood shocked. She waved to him and ran to her mother and father. Jayden waved back. He turned, saw me and started running. ‘Dad! Did you see that? She kissed me! She really kissed me!’ He said breathlessly. ‘I saw bud, you two make a cute little couple.’ I replied. We all walked back, none of us stopped talking. When we got home Jay rushed into his room to carry on with his drawing and Issy went into hers to do homework and sing. Tate and I sat down on the sofa. ‘Wow! I’m so proud of Issy!’ She exclaimed happily.  I agreed and we chatted about how proud we were and how we though Jay would get on with Lily. As we were talking we heard a thump. Tate froze. ‘Stay here.’ I whispered. It came from Issy’s room. I slowly opened the door and found the window open and the room a mess. I saw a piece of paper on the floor. 

Tate and Caleb.

I have come to take back my little girl. She needs to be with her daddy. She’ll be just fine with me. It’s a shame my flat’s only one bedroom.

I hope you’ll like your future grandchildren. I know I’ll enjoy making them. 


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