Time Will Tell

Tate Polsier is a triplet. She has always had a good life. The best sisters, a loving mum. Her and her sisters, Kassie and Kimmi, decide to move to college. It all goes very wrong from there.


2. Aiden's POV

She was so beautiful. Her name was Tate and I watched as she walked into the apartment next door. Her sisters were pretty but god, Tate was hot! I could feel myself getting aroused. I closed my eyes and thought of a way to get her. I could go round there, being all welcoming, but then I’d have to deal with her sisters. I sat on the bed contemplating it when I saw her sisters walk past. Yes! I jumped up, looking around for something to help me. I saw the bottle of chloroform. I could just knock her out I suppose. I just hope she doesn’t freak out too much. I heard bumping coming from her apartment so I waited until it stopped. I must’ve waited around 15 minutes. She was obviously unpacking. I grabbed the bottle and dripped some onto a rag. I walked out and tried her front door. It opened. I tiptoed around, following a soft humming sound. There, on a bed was Tate. She was humming along to her IPod and she had her eyes closed. I walked over to her. She opened her eyes and I shoved the rag under her nose before she had the chance to scream.

 Lifting her from the bed, I carried her through her apartment and into mine. I laid her on my bed and tied her wrists together and her ankles together with some cloth. I went and stood by the door, waiting for her to wake up. She opened her eyes and peered around the room. ‘Hey baby.’ I said. She went to stand up but realised she was bound.  ‘Who are you?’ she asked, sounding scared. ‘I’m your boyfriend Aiden.’ I replied, walking over and sitting on the bed. ‘I haven’t had a boyfriend for 2 years.’ She stated. I was watching her and I knew that I had lust written all over my face. ‘Well baby, you do now.’ I replied, trying to say it softly. ‘Now, if I untie you, you can’t run away. I’m fast, I’m strong and I will kill you.’ I said sternly, letting her know I was serious. No-one gets away from Aiden. All she did was nod. I untied her gently. ‘There you go baby, better?’ I asked her. She looked at me. ‘Yeah.’ She replied quietly. I pulled her into me, wanting to hug her tightly. I cleared my throat slightly, leaning down. A girl kisses her man. She didn’t respond. I cleared it again, louder this time. She kissed me on the cheek quickly. ‘Come on baby, I love you, kiss me.’ I said, pleading her. She closed her eyes and grazed my lips with hers. I sighed, taking it upon myself now. If you want something done properly, do it yourself. I pulled her back towards my lips, kissing her passionately. She wouldn’t open her mouth so I forced my tongue inside. She jerked slightly. I carried on.

Once I had finished, she asked me to go to the bathroom. I pointed her in the direction. She ran towards it and I heard her being sick. I ran after her. ‘Baby, what’s the matter?’ I asked her, concerned. ‘I ate some funny seafood, that’s all.’ She replied. I held her hair as she threw up again and then carried her back to the bedroom. ‘Rest baby, I’ll be back soon.’ I said to her soothingly. I left, heading towards the Co-op. I bought a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates, a teddy bear and some condoms. I walked back and peered in through the window. She was asleep on the bed but the window had smudge marks on it. Oh well. 

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