Time Will Tell

Tate Polsier is a triplet. She has always had a good life. The best sisters, a loving mum. Her and her sisters, Kassie and Kimmi, decide to move to college. It all goes very wrong from there.


5. After Aiden

‘Shh, it’s only a dream sweetheart.’ I said softly, hugging Isabelle. She sniffled softly into my chest. ‘He was over there mummy.’ She pointed into the direction of the closet. I closed my hand around hers. ‘It’s okay Belle, he’s not there.’ I replied, my eyes darting around the room, just to make sure. ‘But he tooked you!’ She said, her eyes studying mine. I gave her a reassuring smile. ‘Well honey, I’m still here so he couldn’t have taken me.’ I whispered, kissing her head. ‘Okay mummy, where’s Teddy?’ She asked, looking around the dimly lit room. ‘I’m not sure, Teddy!’ I called. In scampered our little cocker spaniel Teddy. He hopped up onto the bed and nudged Isabelle under the chin. She lay down on her pillow with Teddy sprawled in-between us. Soon after, I could hear the soft sound of her breathing. Smiling, I tucked the duvet cosily around her. I lay down next to her and closed my eyes. Tomorrow we would meet the FBI agent that was to be our bodyguard. Isabelle didn’t know yet, just in case she freaked out. For a three year old she’s pretty smart so I wouldn’t be surprised if she guessed something was happening. Thoughts flew around in my head as I drifted back off to sleep.

I woke up and looked over at Isabelle. Still sleeping soundly with her arm around Teddy. Smiling, I got up slowly and walked to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed the orange juice. Pouring myself a glass, I picked up my pill box. Anti-depressants and Pain meds. Yay. Swallowing them down with my juice, I glanced at the clock. The agent wouldn’t be arriving until around 7:30pm so I had the whole day to clean up the house. It was spotless already but I wanted to make sure.

After an hour of dusting, bleaching and overall cleaning, I washed up my cup from earlier. ‘Mummy?’ I turned to see Isabelle standing by the doorway. ‘Morning sweetheart, how’s my Belle this morning?’ I asked, picking her up and hugging her. She wrapped her arms around my neck. ‘I’m good mummy, are you good?’ She asked. I laughed. ‘Yes sweetheart, I’m good.’ I replied. She smiled as I set her down. ‘Mummy, can I have chocolate milk and waffles?’ She asked, tilting her head slightly to the right. ‘Of course you can.’ I said. She sat on her cushion at the table. When we moved to the secure unit I decided on Japanese themed furniture and decoration. I loved it and so did Belle. I poured the batter into the waffle machine and shut the lid. After around five minutes in the machine, they were soft and fluffy. I put two in Belle’s bowl and the other two in mine. After pouring the chocolate milk on Belle’s and a squeeze of lemon onto mine, we sat cross-legged and ate.

‘Can I wear my japan dress?’ Isabelle asked as I washed her hair. I nodded and she smiled. After she was finished washing I picked her up out of the bath, wrapped her in her bunny towel and carried her to the bedroom. I set her down and dried her hair. ‘Dry your girl parts and I’ll get your dress.’ I said kissing her forehead. She giggled and nodded. I picked her sweet cream vest and knickers set and took her Japanese dress out of the closet. It was a cream colour with little cherry blossom on it. Belle loved it. I had a matching silk vest top. I selected that for myself along with a pair of pale pink denim shorts. It was one of my favourite outfits. ‘Come here honey.’ I said. She came over and smiled at me. I pulled the vest on over her head and she took the knickers from my hand. ‘I can do it mummy.’ She told me as she put them on. I smiled at her. ‘Wow, look at my little girl!’ I said, snuggling her close. I slipped the dress on over her head and smiled at how beautiful she looked, even though her hair was a mess. I stepped out of my pyjama shorts and my knickers, putting on a clean pair. Slipping on my shorts, I buttoned them up. I then took off my pyjama top, sprayed some deodorant and my favourite body spray, Impulse True Love. Once I had my vest top on, I sat on the bed and grabbed the hair brush. ‘Belle, come have your hair done.’ I said. She came and sat in front of me. I brushed her hair gently. It was so soft and beautiful. She stood up and took the brush from me. ‘Your turn mummy.’ She said, climbing onto the bed behind me. She brushed my hair gently, just like I brushed hers. ‘Thank you baby.’ I said. I stopped as soon as that word left my mouth. Baby.

‘Hey baby.’ He said slowly. ‘F*ck off Aiden!’ I screamed in his face. ‘$ex is all part of dating baby.’ He said angrily, pinning me down. It all came rushing at me from all directions. He forced himself into me. I remember screaming. No one heard. No one came. I was alone.

‘Mummy?’ Belle said, jolting me from my haunting thoughts. ‘What sweetheart?’ I asked, holding her hand. She reached one hand up to my cheek and brushed her finger along it. ‘Why are you crying?’ She questioned. Sh*t, I hadn’t even noticed. ‘Oh mummy was thinking how lucky I am to have a beautiful little girl like you.’ I replied, hugging her close. Just then there was a short sharp tap at the door. ‘Who’s that mummy?’ Belle asked. ‘I don’t know Belle.’ I replied standing up and walking to the door. I looked through the peephole. Whoever it was, they were hot! I opened the door. ‘Hello Miss Polsier, I’m agent Young, but you can call me Caleb.’ He said, holding out his hand for me to shake. I took it. ‘Hey Caleb. Come in.’ 

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