Time Will Tell

Tate Polsier is a triplet. She has always had a good life. The best sisters, a loving mum. Her and her sisters, Kassie and Kimmi, decide to move to college. It all goes very wrong from there.


10. 9 months later

‘Caleb, can you get me the chicken please?’ Tate called from the living room. ‘Oh and the jam!’ She added. I smiled. She had been pregnant for 9 months and she was near her due date. I looked at the calendar. Sh*t, she’s due tomorrow! I thought. ‘Sweetheart, are you all packed?’ I asked bringing her the chicken and jam she asked for. ‘Yeah.’ She said. ‘Ooo.’ She breathed. ‘What?’ I asked. ‘Nothing, just a kick.’ She replied. I sighed. ‘Isabelle’s asleep, so I might go to bed, I’m shattered.’ I said, kissing her forehead. ‘Put these away for me, I’m going to go to bed as well.’ She yawned. I took the chicken and jam back to the kitchen and went into the bedroom. ‘Night beautiful.’ I said, kissing her softly. ‘Night honey.’ She whispered sleepily. I lie down next to her and fell asleep in seconds. ‘Caleb, Caleb, wake up!’ Tate said, shaking me. ‘What?’ I asked sitting up. ‘My water’s just f*cking broke!’ She exclaimed. Panic laced her voice. ‘Okay sweetheart, breath and I’ll grab your bag!’ I said, trying to sound calm. ‘I am breathing!’ She replied. I picked her bag and picked Isabelle up gently from her bed. ‘What’s wrong Daddy?’ She asked sleepily. ‘Mummy’s having the baby so you have to go to granddads while me and Mummy go to the hospital.’ I explained, unlocking the front door after setting her down on the floor. Holding her hand I knocked on Tatum’s door. ‘Caleb, that you?’ He mumbled sleepily. ‘Yeah, it’s time mate!’ I replied urgently. He unlocked the door and Isabelle hugged him. ‘Ahh alright, keep me updated!’ He said, smiling. ‘Will do!’ I replied running back into the house. I helped Tate into the car and threw her bag in the back. I jumped in next to Tate and drove flat out to the hospital.

‘Push honey.’ I said, holding her hand tightly. She squeezed my hand and pushed. ‘Come on chick, I can see the head!’ The midwife shouted encouragingly. Tate breathed out and I wiped the sweat from her head. ‘Come on sweetheart, you can do this.’ I whispered. She looked into my eyes. ‘I love you.’ She said. ‘I love you too.’ I said, kissing her softly. She started to push again. She sighed exasperatedly. ‘Come on! Almost there!’ The midwife said. Tate took in a long breath and pushed hard, her face reddening. ‘That’s it!’ The midwife shouted. Tate pushed once more and then the sharp sound of a cry filled the room. ‘It’s a little boy!’ They said.  They handed him to Tate and she started to cry. She looked up at me. ‘Jayden.’ She whispered. I nodded and kissed her. I put my finger to his tiny hand and he grabbed it. I smiled down at him. My baby.  

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