Kindapped by One Direction

Alyssa was on her way home from school and saw a black van following her. She was kidnapped by 5 people she hated because she thought that they thought were all that. WIll Alyssafall in love with one of her kidnappers


6. Your the father


Mother- Alyssa Brooklyn Reed




I read over and over 

Mother- Alyssa Brooklyn Reed

Father- Niall James Horan

My eyes about popped out of my head. " Alyssa who is the father?" Harry asked "N-niall"I studdered. He grabbed the paper out of my hand and scanned the paper. He clenched his fist I knew Niall would want nothing to do with this baby because of his precious career.  Harry walked up to Niall "can I talk to you outside." alone" Sure" 


"N-niall" she said I grabbed the paper out of her hand I scanned over it Niall was the father of Alyssa's baby. He wasn't going to have anything to do with it. The child would have no idea who its father is. " Niall can I talk to you outside alone" Sure" I walked outside the room leaving Alyssa in there with the other guys " what are you going to do" she can get an abortion" REALLY THATS MURDER" I CAN'T HAVE A CHILD DUDE" OF COURSE  YOU WOULD HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS CHILD" we walked back in with her face in her hands sobbing. I ran up to her and lifted her chin up" THIS CHILD WON'T HAVE A CHILD WILL IT IRISHY" GET AN ABORTION BITCH" Niall yelled at her. I clenched my fist and punched him square in the nose. He punched me back. I had him tackled to the ground punching him repeatly Liam and Louis pulled me off of Niall while Zayn had Niall. I ran back over to Alyssa and kissed her passionatly " this child will have a dad if its not his biological father." Really" she asked giving me a small smile " yes. Alyssa will you be mine" Yes" she smiled. We drove home she took a shower and went to bed once she was in bed I walked into Niall's room he saw me " If its about the baby I DON'T GIVE A SHIT!!!" ok I will be known as the dad in the childs life and trust me you WILL NOT be an uncle or brother nothing you will have NOTHING to do in this childs life." I walked out of the room and went to sleep with her cradled in my arms. I really do love this girl I just pray that the baby dosen't look like Naill

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Drama between Niall, Harry. Alyssa's pregnant with Niall's child and HArry gonna be the dad in the life how will this work out?


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