Kindapped by One Direction

Alyssa was on her way home from school and saw a black van following her. She was kidnapped by 5 people she hated because she thought that they thought were all that. WIll Alyssafall in love with one of her kidnappers


10. Names

Ok I know the last chapter was called names but I had an Idea and changed the name but then changed my mind back to the first one and I forgot to change the chapter name. The last chapter was supposed to be called Forgive. I am sorry for any inconvenience so this is the real chapter called names.



I forgave him and if he wanted to do something in this baby's life he was going to help me choose a name along with everyone else. " hey guys I need help picking a name for the baby got any ideas" I have an Idea how about we each pick two names one girl and one boy" Liam said we all agreed and got to strips of paper. I put down for a girl Alison Marie and for a boy I put down  Kyle Lane. Once we all were finished we sat together and read off the names Harry went first " for a girl I wrote Darcy Lynn and for a boy I put James Noel" Harry told us. next Niall " Sophia Tess and Lucas Mitchell". Now Liam " Oliva Rose or Toby Erick " Liam told us. Louis was" Claire Vivian or Jayven Patrick" these names are good I thought now there is Zayn and I left Zayn Spoke " girl.Eva Christine. boy. Trey Levi" He nodded to me " ok for a girl I put Alison Marie and for a boy I put Kyle Lane" I thought about all the names " can I have all your papers and Niall Harry come with me." they all give me their papers and we walk into the kitchen I sat them out. " turn over one each one boy one girl" I told them Niall flipped over Darcy and Toby Erick. Harry flipped over Oliva and Jayven. I flipped over Claire and Trey. " Ok we have Alison,Eva,Sophia,James,Kyle,and Lucas left" I like Alison" they both said unison. Creepy much. " Ok So Alison Marie if its a girl and id its a boy?" Lucas" they said again in unison" Okay so if its a girl Alison Marie and if its a boy Lucas Mitchell" I said after I walked out they cheeeredNow I know this baby can have a good life  

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