Kindapped by One Direction

Alyssa was on her way home from school and saw a black van following her. She was kidnapped by 5 people she hated because she thought that they thought were all that. WIll Alyssafall in love with one of her kidnappers


9. Names


After what happened in the car last night, I feel like I should apologize about being a douche. I walked downstairs and Liam,Louis, and Alyssa are eating Cereal specifically Lucky Charms. I grabbed a bowl and a spoon filled the bowl up and poured in the milk. " Alyssa listen I want to apologize for being such a bastard, and you don't understand how sorry I am for everything." I forgive you Niall don't worry " she said with a smile and went back to eating" One last thing I want to a part of this baby's life" she spit out her food" WHAT" she said obviously shocked and confused " D-did you j-just say what I t-think you s-said" she stuttered "yes. I want to be a part of this baby's life" Ok " 



Sorry I know this chapter is Horrible and short thanks

_ Spencer_

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