Kindapped by One Direction

Alyssa was on her way home from school and saw a black van following her. She was kidnapped by 5 people she hated because she thought that they thought were all that. WIll Alyssafall in love with one of her kidnappers


13. Gender


I woke up and took a shower with my strawberry shampoo,conditioner, and body wash. once I got out I brushed my teeth nad hair and put it up in a messy bun. Whilst putting on I purple " LOVE shirt. and blue jeans. We had to pick another name for a boy and girl if we had 2 girls it was going to be Darcy Michelle and Alison Marie. If its 2 boys we will have Lucas Mitchell and Noel James. I walked downstairs to see everyone up Iooked at the clock and it was noon. "good morning sleeping beauty" I just smiled and looked down so nobody would see me blush. Harry just grinned. I sat down inbetween Niall and Harry. There was pancakes, I took 4 pancakes somethered them in syrup with whip cream.  They looked at me like I had gone insane, but quickly recovered. I practiclly inhaled my food. I got down faster than Niall. Now they spoke." did you just out eat Niall" liam asked shocked I nodded " how" Niall asked I shurgged" no idea" Well whatever lets get to the doctor" Harry said we all got up the guys were coming with us. 

*************** skip car ride**************

By the time we got out of the car I was ready to strangle the boys. Zayn had lost his mirror and freaked out about it, Louis was throwing carrots, Niall wouldn't stop poking me, and Harry and Liam didn't do anything but you get my point. Once we got there we signed in and waited for my turn" Alyssa Reed" said a nurse we all walked back there and she put the cold gel stuff on my stomach. Soon the doctor came in a started moving the stomach. " ok they are very healthy. do you want to know the gender of the baby" she asked We all nodded with huge grins on our face" well you know you are having twins, but you will be having identical twin girls" we all jumped with excitement." have you thought of any names" she asked I nodded " we decided on 2 boy names and 2 girl names incase. Well our girl names were Alison Marie and Darcy Michelle" those are beautiful" thank you with that we went back home

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