Kindapped by One Direction

Alyssa was on her way home from school and saw a black van following her. She was kidnapped by 5 people she hated because she thought that they thought were all that. WIll Alyssafall in love with one of her kidnappers


8. can I trust them part 2


After I finished eating Harry and the others came upstairs except Niall of course. " whats up" I asked as they all came into the room " uh we have rehearsals today" and?" you have to come with us" really!" Why are you so happy" Zayn asked " because I can actually go outside instead of being in here all day I want fresh air even if its only for a second" okay get ready we have to be there in an hour" I went and took a shower to relieve stress blew dried my hair braided it to the  side and got on a " shut up" shirt and black leggings with black flats. I put on some foundation, mascara, and eyeliner. I walked down stairs to see they are all waiting for me at the door." sorry " its fine babe" harry told me " yeah it fine" they all agreed except for Niall" whatever" he replied with we got in the car which turned out to be a limo. I sat beside Harry and Liam across from Louis and as far away from Niall as possible. It was awkwardly silent" would somebody talk" I said out of nowhere they all turned to me " tell us about you considering we know nothing except for Harry" Ok well my full name is Alyssa Brooklyn Reed, I'm 19, I have 4 best friends Cara, Felicity, Kaitlyn, and Courtney. I grew up in California me and all the girls moved here together. I always never was really a big fan of yours, but Courtney she's obsessed so thats how I thought I knew you. My favorite color is green and I love the beach and to swim. I also took Karate,but had to suddenly quit for reasons I was a red belt and I can't stand somebody in this car." I said as I directed my glare to Niall " but I trust 1 of you, but have begone to trust 3 of you, and I was also was at university to become a Teacher a ENglish teacher to be exact. " cool and sorry about all of this" Liam said and Zayn and Louis just nodded look over at Niall who looks lonely I may be furious with him but I can't stand to see somebody left out " Niall what about you I want to know about you" Why?" he asked clearly confused" because I want to learn about the Irish leprechaun" Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry looked at me like I was crazy " Ok sure" He told me about everything his family, how he got in the band, basic facts, and his life before he was famous at that point we had reached the stadium and they rehearsed and then did a concert a little before the preformed they stepped me out leaving Niall " what was that about in the car" I was being nice I mean be furious with him but i'm not going to leave him out" ok". After the concerts we had all really gotten to know each other before I fell asleep in Harry's arms I thought " I can really trust them can't I "


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