Ginny's diary

Ginny's diary is a diary with loves, adventures, suspendeds etc.
(Of ginny) read it!����


4. The mistery

Dear diary: it's nine o'clock and my classmakes and I going to the large dinning for breakfast, and HARRY is next to me!

one moment.The large dinning  is closed and filch not be here.I realy don't know what happening now. Is very strange.


Professor Snape is coming! I am scary! Aaaaa!

Professor Snape, ask Harry what happend and he answered:“I realy don't know Pro.. Professor..." With a little bit fear.

Professor Snape go to the door and come back to Harry again.“ Bye Harry Potter..."he says and he's back. “Ayy! Get OVER” says Hermione. “Alohomora" she says. PUM!!! The door opened again.

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