A Very Special Christmas

Mikaela (Mickey) Rosslind lived in New York with her best friend Jillian (Jill) Lowell. They both attended Julliard School of the Arts. It was December and it was time for One Direction it be in town for a tour. One day Mickey bumped into one of the boys while out shopping. But just which boy was it and what would the future hold for them? Read and find out.


2. The Coffee Date

Mickey’s POV

Niall and Mickey decided to have the coffee date first so that they could get to know each other. They sat down at the Starbucks across the street from Macy’s and just started talking to each other like they knew each other for forever.

“So are you in school?” Niall asked Mickey.

“Yeah, I am. I go to Julliard. I am a dancer.” She told him.

“Wow, that’s really impressive. You should show me and the boys some moves sometime.”

“That would be great. I also have a friend that goes there with me. I’m sure she would love to help me show you guys too.”

“Ah, she would now. What is her name?”

“Her name is Jillian, but she goes by Jill.”

“Hmm, okay. You two should both come by and hang out with us sometime.”

“We will take you up on that.”

Just then, her phone went off. Her ringtone happen to be Live While Were Young. Niall heard and he started laughing at Mickey.

“Shut up!”

She looked down and it just happened to be her friend Jill.

“Hey, can I call you back. I am in the middle of a coffee date with Niall Horan.” Mickey said to Jill.

“You are lying. You’re probably just out Christmas shopping for me and you don’t want to tell me. But that’s okay. Call me back.” Jill said laughing.

“I am not lying. But bye! I’ll call you back.”

She hung up the phone and Niall was just sitting there smiling.

“What are you looking at?”

Niall’s POV

Wow, she is the prettiest girl I have ever met. I think I really like her. She is so sweet, and nice. She was dressed really relaxed but it was still cute.

She was wearing this:

She was trying to hide her directioner necklace because she didn’t want me to notice. But I thought it was cute.

I knew she wasn’t trying to fangirl, and it was really nice for a change.

She had gotten off the phone but I hadn’t noticed because I was starting at her beautiful blonde hair and bright green eyes.

“What are you looking at?” She asked.

“Oh, um nothing. I just wanted to tell you that you are absolutely gorgeous.” He said smiling at her.

“Thanks.” She said while blushing.

It was really cute when she blushed. She is such a sweet girl.

“Well shall we get to shopping?” I asked her.

“That sounds great. But first, can we take a picture together. My best friend doesn’t believe me that I am with you. Wow! That sounds so fangirlish. I am sorry!”

“No, it’s okay. You are so much better than the other girls I run into. But I just wanted to say your directioner necklace is cute.”

She blushed and tried to shove it down her shirt. But I put my hand on hers to stop her.

“Keep it out I like it.”

She smiled and took her phone out to take a picture. At the last second right before she took the picture I turned and kissed her on the cheek. When I saw the picture it looked so cute. She jaw dropped and her cheeks were bright red. She is too sweet.

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