A Very Special Christmas

Mikaela (Mickey) Rosslind lived in New York with her best friend Jillian (Jill) Lowell. They both attended Julliard School of the Arts. It was December and it was time for One Direction it be in town for a tour. One day Mickey bumped into one of the boys while out shopping. But just which boy was it and what would the future hold for them? Read and find out.


13. Shop, Shop, Shopping

Mickey’s POV


“Why did you and Niall leave?” Jill asked me in the car.

“Oh, so you actually noticed?” I retorted.

“Yes I did. I just didn’t say anything.” She said back.

“Mhmm. Well, we just went to talk.” I told the girls.

“Talk? About what?” El asked.

“Just stuff.” I told him.

“It will come out eventually.” El said.

We arrived at the shops and went crazy. Right before I got in the car Niall gave me his card to spend money. He said he wanted to do it. I was hesitant, but I took it. He said he has so much money he doesn’t know what to do with it.

Just then I got a text from Niall:

Hey princess,

After rehearsals I am taking you out for a date. Tell me where you will be, and be ready by 8 o’clock Buy something new to wear on me. If you don’t I will be offended.

“Did someone get a text from Niall?” El asked.

“Yeah, he is taking me out tonight, and he said to buy a new outfit and if I don’t he’ll be offended.” I laughed.

“So you have to do what he says.” She smiled at me.

“Yeah I guess. After we are done here do you want to come back to our place or go back to the hotel?” I asked El.

“Oh, I’d love to see your place.” She said.

“Alright. I just have to text Niall where to pick me up.”

I gave him a quick text and put my phone away because the girls and I had some serious shopping to do.

By the time we were done shopping it was 4 o’clock.

I had gotten all this: http://www.polyvore.com/mickey_shop/set?id=82706238 and http://www.polyvore.com/mickey_shopping/set?id=82708506. Mind you I didn’t use all of Niall’s money. I bought most of it with my money. I sort of got lucky and my parents are rich. My dad is a well-known doctor, and my mom is a dancer on Broadway.

Jill bought all of this: http://www.polyvore.com/jill_shopping/set?id=82707925 and http://www.polyvore.com/jill_shopping/set?id=82709175. Jill’s parents are also very rich. Her dad is a lawyer and her mom is an assistant to a big name fashion designer.

Eleanor bought all of this: http://www.polyvore.com/eleanor_shopping/set?id=82707001 and http://www.polyvore.com/eleanor_shopping/set?id=82697032. Eleanor is just Eleanor and has a lot of money.

We decided to get some frozen yogurt before we headed home.


Eleanor’s POV


We walked into Mickey and Jill’s flat, apartment, whatever and it looked so much like them. It was very girly with bright colors and fun things. I really liked the place.

“Awesome place girlies.” I told them.

“Thanks.” Jill said absentmindedly.

“Liam texting you?” Mickey asked Jill.

“Yeah, were finally going out on a date.” She said concentrating on her phone.

“Well that’s great!” Mickey and I squealed.

“Yeah, we finally get to be by ourselves, and be awake at the same time.” She said finally putting down her phone.

“Well, I have a date will Louis tonight as well.” I told the girls.

“We all have date tonight. I wonder what the other boys will do.” Mickey said.

“Louis said they were going to have a guy’s night out. So who knows what they’re going to do.” I told her.

All of the girls and I got ready together and wore our new clothes and make up. The boys all arrived in separate cars at 8 o’clock. Each of us girls were in for an amazing night.

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