A Very Special Christmas

Mikaela (Mickey) Rosslind lived in New York with her best friend Jillian (Jill) Lowell. They both attended Julliard School of the Arts. It was December and it was time for One Direction it be in town for a tour. One day Mickey bumped into one of the boys while out shopping. But just which boy was it and what would the future hold for them? Read and find out.


9. Meeting Eleanor

Mickey’s POV

I saw Niall as I walked in and he looked completely adorable in his normal suit jacket, white t-shirt, and jeans.

“Hey gorgeous.” Niall said coming up to me. He gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Hey.” I said back to him.

I glanced over at Liam and Jill, who were hugging very tight and it looked like Liam had a tear in the corner of his eye.

Jill and Liam pulled a part and started walking in to the restaurant, so I pulled Jill aside to ask her what was going on.

“Was Liam tearing up?” I asked her concerned.

“Um, yeah. We just talked something that makes him emotional.” She said back.

“Okay, what is it?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you.” She told me with a look on her face that said she did want to tell me.

“Why not?” I asked.

“I just can’t.” She replied and walked away.

I followed after her because Niall and Liam had already walked in. We found the boys and Eleanor sitting in a back room away from all the people. When I first saw Eleanor my jaw dropped a bit. I had never seen what she looked like before. She was gorgeous and was wearing this: http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_12/set?id=79621124. She was slightly intimidating because she was so pretty.

“Hello.” Eleanor said.

“Hey, I am Mikaela. But everyone calls me Mickey.” I told her.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Eleanor. Louis has told me about you. We’ll actually Niall has told Louis about you, and then Louis told me.” She said.

“Haha. Well, I hope it was all good things.” I responded laughing.

“Oh, yes. He was telling me you were teaching them how to dance.” Eleanor said.

“Yes. We gave them a lesson today.” I told her.

“We?” Eleanor asked.

“Me and my friend Jill. Did Louis tell you about Jill?” I asked.

“Oh, yes. This jetlag is driving me crazy. Sorry.” She said to me.

“No big deal. I get it. When I go places for dance competitions it gets sort of crazy.” I explained.

We finally all sat down, Louis and Eleanor next to each with Louis wrapped around Eleanor, Zayn and Harry sitting next to each other making jokes, Liam sitting next to Jill laughing and smiling, and Niall sitting next to me my hand in his under the table.

Niall and I were facing each other and I reached out and touched his. He smiled his sweet smile and he leaned in a kissed me. His lips were pressed on mine and he pressed them harder than I thought he would. I didn’t want to stop kissing him.

“Get a room!” yelled Harry.

I pulled away from Niall and then Niall took his napkin and threw it at Harry.

“Boys let’s not be so childish.” Eleanor giggled.

Just then the waitress came to talk our order. We all gave it to here while Harry flirted away. When the waitress left we all sat and talked and really enjoyed ourselves. Eleanor and I got to know each other better and I knew we would become fast friends.

When our food came we all were starved and dived right in. Niall finished first, of course, then all of us slowly finished.

“So what shall we all do tonight?” Zayn asked.

“Sleepover!” Eleanor exclaimed.

Jill and I looked at each other unsure.

“It will be great.” Niall said to me.

“But we don’t have anything to sleep in.” Jill said.

“You can use a pair of my sweats and a t-shirt.” Liam told Jill while holding her hand.

“Okay.” Jill laughed and smiled.

“You can wear some of my stuff too.” Niall told me.

“Alright. We will have a sleep over.” I told everyone.

“Yay!” Everyone yelled.

So we paid for the dinner and we all walked outside. When we did it was snowing.

“This is amazing! I love snow.” Harry said taking off running.

Everyone danced around in the snow except for Niall and I. Niall had is arms around my waist and I had my arms around his neck. I just stared into his eyes, smiling. I looked into his eyes I felt something I hadn’t before. I didn’t know what that feeling was but I liked it.

We finally got into our cars and drove over to where the boys were staying. This was going to be an interesting night.

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