A Very Special Christmas

Mikaela (Mickey) Rosslind lived in New York with her best friend Jillian (Jill) Lowell. They both attended Julliard School of the Arts. It was December and it was time for One Direction it be in town for a tour. One day Mickey bumped into one of the boys while out shopping. But just which boy was it and what would the future hold for them? Read and find out.


5. Dinner

Mickey’s POV

So where are we going” I asked Niall

“Um, I don’t exactly remember what it’s called but I know where it is. I walked passed when I was out with the boys. It’s a little restaurant with a dance floor and stuff. It was sort of out of the way. We won’t run into many screaming girls and paps.” Niall said smiling.

“That sounds nice.”

Just then I turned slightly and out of the corner of my eye I saw Niall’s guitar.

“Why do you have your guitar?”

“It’s a surprise.” He said winking at me.

“Mmm… I sort of hate surprises. I get to anxious.”

“Well that sucks for you because you are going to have to wait.”

I stuck my tongue out him. He just laughed at me. His laugh was the most adorable thing I have ever heard. I always wanted him to laugh because it made me smile.

Then to my surprise he took my hand in his. Our fingers intertwined together. I felt really nice. I blushed and he saw he just smiled and then looked back at the road. I thought to myself, man I really need to stop blushing so much.

About ten minutes later we ended up at the restaurant. It was very cute and posh looking.  In the restaurant there was also a dance floor. I thought to myself, mmm I am going to have to show him my dance moves.

We sat down at a table and the back.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” the waiter asked.

Niall looked to me to say something first.

“Oh um, a Sprite please.”

“I’ll have a Coke.” Niall said.

The waiter walked off to get our drinks. We looked thru the menu.

“So what looks good to you?” Niall asked me.

“Pretty much anything. I am starved.”

Niall laughed, “I like a girl that can eat.”

I blushed a little and he just laughed.

“Well how about this. We order a big bowl of spaghetti and split it. I have always wanted to do that with a girl.”

“Uh, okay. But why?”

“You will see.”

Just then the waiter gave us our drinks and he took our order and then left to go turn in the order. I took a sip of my soda and just looked around at the restaurant.

“Do you want to dance?” Niall asked me.

“Yeah, I’d love to.”

As we walked out onto the dance floor the song Everybody Talks by Neon Trees came on (AN: Here is a link just in case you haven’t heard of the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5G9tIe84lE)

We just sort of laughed at the song and we started dancing. It was a lot of fun. He had his hands on me a lot. It felt really nice. I thought to myself I haven’t really had this much fun on a date in a long time. We kept dancing and laughing. Then the next song came on. It was You and Me by Lifehouse (AN: Again, here is a link just in case you haven’t heard the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ac3HkriqdGQ)

Niall pulled me really close to him. We didn’t have any space between because we were that close. I rested my head on his shoulder (the only reason I could was because I was wearing high heels. I am 5’2”). Niall didn’t seem to mind at all. But a minute later he moved his shoulder, so I moved off of it. I looked into his very bright blue eyes. He looked down and smiled at me. He had a little bit of a mischievous look on his face. He then leaned down and kissed me. He held me tight to his body while he kissed me. I never felt so happy to kiss someone before. There was a lot of spark in that kiss. One of the best kisses I have ever had.

He pulled away and looked at me, “Wow!”

“Wow is right.” I said.

“So you liked it?” He asked.

“Haha, yeah. Wow! I just kissed a boy from One Direction. Sorry that just sounded fangirlish.”

“It’s fine.”

He pulled me in for very tight hug. But then we noticed that the food was brought to our table. So Niall grabbed my hand and we went back to our table.

Niall’s POV

Wow that kiss was amazing. I pulled away and looked into her dark blue eyes. I haven’t known this girl for very long and I already think she is truly amazing. She is so sweet, funny, and very helpful. She also had some great dance moves. Watching her dance and her black hair flow was one of the most intoxicating things I have ever watched.

After I hugged her we both went back to eat our spaghetti. The reason I wanted to order one big bowl of it was because I had always wanted to do the Lady and the Tramp kiss. I thought she would be the perfect person to do it with.

We sat there for a while not talking just eating. It’s funny; I could just sit with her all day and be content.

Then finally I went to do the move. She noticed what I was doing, and she smiled and went along with it. When we got to the end of the noodle our lips met. I felt a lot of chemistry there. I never wanted to stop kissing her.

After we had finished the spaghetti, we talked for a while.

“So how long have you been dancing for?” I asked her.

“Oh since I was 3 I think.”

“Wow! That is amazing. You looked absolutely beautiful when you were dancing.”

“Thanks. So I heard around the block that you are playing at Madison Square Garden this weekend.”

“Yupp, the boys and I are. Are you going?”

“Nope. Sadly I didn’t get tickets on time. Otherwise I would have.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure I know how you can go.”

“What? How?”

“Well I am a band member. So I am sure I can get you in.”

“Oh, you don’t have to do that.”

“I want to. You can even invite your friend. What is her name again?”

“Jill. Are you sure? I mean I don’t want anybody to get mad at you.”

He laughed, “Yes I am sure.”

“You are amazing. I will absolutely be there. But I have nothing to wear to a concert.”

“Oh, Louis’s girlfriend, Eleanor is coming in and she said she wanted to go shopping. You two should meet up. I am sure you two will get on well.”

“Oh that sounds like fun. I’ll bring Jill too.”

“All right. I’ll tell Louis when I get home and he’ll tell Eleanor. I’ll give her your number when she gets in.”

“Sounds great.”

“So do want to go on the next part of our date?”

“Yes, let’s do it.” 

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