strangers with memories

hello! I go by the name Asy,I'm 15 and this is my 1st attempt to write a movella. Comment & tell me what you think about it? xx

Ivy,16,is ready to live the greatest summer of her life,seeking for adventure,prepared for pretty much anything. She soon meets Aiden,17,a mystirious boy who gets her attention..


6. nicely done


I knew she didn’t kiss me back, but at least she didn’t slap me or something for kissing her. That’s something. Her lips were soft and tasted nice, and it wasn’t passionate or anything, but it still gave me shivers. I really like her. She gets up and grabs a drink and I follow her. Even though there are more than 40 people in the place, I still catch her scent. She smells damn good. She doesn’t look very surprised when I touch her hand.



 -‘sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable back there’

 –‘weren’t you supposed to be at the bonfire?’

–‘I left.’


–‘Cause I wanted to see you’.


I immediately regretted interrogating him. What he did was actually really sweet. And the look he gave me when he said ‘you’ made me want to physically attack him kiss him to death. I nearly melted when I heard his next words.

-‘Would you mind going somewhere more private? We can walk down to the beach, we should be able to talk there’. Like he needed to ask.

-‘No, I wouldn’t’  I answer with a shy smile.  He notices it and smiles back. My heart skips a beat. Time to ruin this beautiful moment with my selfish questions..

-‘So how do all these people know you anyway?’ He shows no sign of disappointment or annoyance, and answers casually.

-‘Last summer we’d spend a lot of time together. Everyone’s greek except for Jeremy, the guy who called my name. We had come together and he always had a thing for greek girls so he stuck with them.

>’I should tell that to Ann’,I think. Her actual name is Anastasia and she’s 100% per cent greek, with her flawless English accent as a bonus<.

Now we don’t really hang out but we still keep in touch.’

-‘where are you from?’

-‘California, but it’s my turn to ask you, remember?’

I was honored. I always had a habit of trying to know everything about a person that interested me, but no one ever asked or wanted to know anything about me, maybe apart from how I look without any clothes on, which might be flattering to other girls, but not to me.

-‘Yeah, you’re right. Hit me.’

-‘Why did you just smile?’

-‘Because I’m not used to people having an interest in me. I call myself a wallflower.’

-‘Whaat? Well, they’re idiots. Or maybe it’s better this way-more for me’ he answers with a wink. I am in ecstasy. Could this be real? Is he truly here, saying those words to me? 

But seriously, I don’t see why someone shouldn’t be fascinated by you. Maybe they’re too scared to get close.’

‘So you’re saying you are?’

‘What, fascinated or scared?’ he answers with a big smile on his face, revealing his white, sharp teeth.

‘Fascinated.’ I answer with the same tone of flirt in my voice.

We go down some stairs and we face the beach. It looks so calm. With the moon reflecting in the water and everything. It’s absolutely perfect.

‘Yes, I am.’


-‘That was quite straightforward. Risky. I like it.’

-‘So you saying you like me?’

I blush and try not to say anything, because I can’t find words.

-‘You know you don’t have to answer to that. At least not now.’  He is giving me space. Could he get any better?

      I surprise myself with the words that come out of my mouth.

  ‘You look nice. Like, really nice. And you smell just as nice, which is pretty important. You also-‘ His lips rudely interrupt me as he kisses me like I’ve always wanted to be kissed. More passionately than before. More intensely. I put my hands around his neck and kiss him back, and he places his around my waste, pulling me closer. A feeling of passion mixed with desire and success rushes through my whole body. I realize that everything is right. Perfect, in fact. He takes his lips away from mine, keeping his forehead as close to mine as before, looking into my eyes with that ridiculously sexy stare of his.

‘Do I kiss nice, too?’.

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