strangers with memories

hello! I go by the name Asy,I'm 15 and this is my 1st attempt to write a movella. Comment & tell me what you think about it? xx

Ivy,16,is ready to live the greatest summer of her life,seeking for adventure,prepared for pretty much anything. She soon meets Aiden,17,a mystirious boy who gets her attention..


2. first encounter


Finally,the moment I've been waiting for. She distinctively orders me to meet her at the restroom. I tell the guys to order for me and follow her with a rush running through my body. Bring it on,I whisper to myself and open the door.


 I push him against the wall with all the strength I have left.I have to seem strong,determined. ''Are you following me?'' -''Do you want me to?''. His voice is low,sexy.I try to keep myself together.My cold hands are touching his waist,pushing him on the wall.I inahale.DAMN,he smells nice.'Who are you?'' I ask.-''You didn't answer my question''.He likes to play.I see..''Correct me if I'm wrong,but you didn't answer mine''.I wait for his reply.He simply responds with a grint and a flirty look.I look at his mouth.His lips pink and full,his skin dark,strings of his straight black hair reaching his ears.His black eyes starring back at me.He was even more handsome from up close.''Well'',he breaks the silence,''it's not like I'm not enjoying this or anything,but sivilised conversations don't usually happen like this.'' I hate to admit he's right,but I do.I slowly back up and take a step away.''Well,you have some explaining to do.What's your name?'' ''Aiden.Nice to meet you,Ivory.'' There's something in the way he pronounces my name that makes me want him.''How do you know my name?'' -''Not hard to find out,your friends shout your name all the time.You guys are pretty noisy by the way.'' -''Well,at least we're not stalkers'' -''Hooi,I'm not stalking you,Ivy.You just happened to catch my eye.Don't flatter yourself'' -''So you being everywhere I am is just random,huh?'' -''Too many questions.I gotta go.Your curiosity will soon be satisfied,smartypants.I promise'' -''Trust is earned,and I don't know you.'' -''Well,I sure know you want to'' -''Don't flatter yourself'' -''Never'' he says as he gives me a kiss on the cheek and walks out the door. I look in the mirror. My cheeks are burning red. But I don't care.He fascinated me.I didn't know when I would see him again and when,but I was looking forward to it.


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