strangers with memories

hello! I go by the name Asy,I'm 15 and this is my 1st attempt to write a movella. Comment & tell me what you think about it? xx

Ivy,16,is ready to live the greatest summer of her life,seeking for adventure,prepared for pretty much anything. She soon meets Aiden,17,a mystirious boy who gets her attention..


8. falling


  After breakfast Aiden was going to leave because I didn’t feel like making any announcements to everyone that we were together, and he needed to go to the place he and his friends were staying  for the summer to tell them where he’d been. I avoided asking him any questions about us, like if we were a couple from now on, because

a) He may not have felt exactly the way I did about him

b) He could have been drunk and not remember anything from last night. But I was relieved to find out he remembered everything.

  -‘Last night was amazing. I should have told you what a good kisser you were too, but I lost my words.’

  -‘That’s ok. Kissing you was barely enough for me to handle, a compliment would have knocked me down’ I answer with a huge smile on my face.

  -‘I’m sure it would. I’m used to attractive girls running after me, remember?’

  -‘Well, too bad, because I thought I was different.’ I say, with fake disappointment.

   He kisses me just like last night, this time more sure of himself, completely aware of how right this is. ‘Don’t you ever stop thinking that. Its’ true. And I will remind you every single day.’ As he says those last three words, his voice gets lower, more serious and sexy. I realize what they mean. He wants us to have a future. Together. I smile again, and this time I’m the one who initiates the kiss. I also softly kiss his neck, all the way down his chest. I feel his breaths hushing. I go for his mouth again. He doesn’t pull away for a long time, surprising me with his lack of restraint, which he had a lot of last night. I am the one who does. ‘When will I see you again?’ I ask. ‘Now?’ he grins and leaves small kisses on my left shoulder, wondering through my neck, all the way to my right shoulder. Every move he makes shows affection. ‘You’re unbelievable’ I whisper. ‘That makes two of us’ he adds, his face now in front of mine, processing my eyelids, my cheeks, my chin. I could swear I see a look of admiration in his eyes. I can’t help feeling blessed, because I know I’ve never done anything good enough to deserve him. I’ve never been good enough. -‘What are you thinking of?’- ‘You’- ‘I like your answer.’ He looks at his watch. ‘Shit, I gotta go. Jay needs me to drive him to his date. So, meet me tomorrow, here? I’ll come around 7.’ ‘Where are we going?’ I ask playing with his dark hair, unable to hide the enthousiasm in my voice. ‘Don’t you know I’m not going to tell you? You should by now’ he whispers in my ear before biting it, making my whole body shiver. ‘Well sir, saying that I look forward to it is an understatement.’ ‘I couldn’t agree more my lady’ he says kissing my forehead and grabbing his keys from the table. He is almost out the door when he stops and looks at me. ‘Until then,’ he says and softly kisses my lips. I close my eyes. When I open them, he’s gone, leaving his smell as the only evidence that he’d been here.

   Athena and Chris woke up ten minutes later and took a bath. They were sober so Chris drove us to the beach with his car, which was parked outside since we had used John’s car (John’s another part of our group, the oldest, and Chris’ best friend) and we found everyone sleeping or passed out at the beach. Olive and Ann were happy because the boys they’d met had turned out to be quite hot, and they had arranged first dates already, and we got everyone home. I kept last night’s events to myself, since I was waiting for the girls to tell me their news first.

    We drunk lemonade and played board games for the rest of the evening and then we went for sleep again. I couldn’t even close my eyes, so I searched through my clothes for something to wear tomorrow. I didn’t know where we would go, but I thought if he was planning to take me somewhere fancy he would have told me to dress up. Besides, from what I could tell, it was not his style. Mine either. I chose a blue-green loose t-shirt with pale skinny jeans, brown booties and some brown wooden  bracelets. I also called my parents and my 18-year old brother, who were all still home, in our actual home, taking care of some business before going on vacation themselves. It was the first time I’d ever gone on vacations with my friends, and the longest I’d spent without talking to my mother. She’s the one who helped me go through every single hardship in my life so far, and she helped me deal with my anxiety attacks and breathing during the school year. I owe her everything. It was good to talk to her, and I told her about Aiden, and she sounded honestly happy for me. She said it was time I got some confidence.

      I didn’t text Aiden because I didn’t wanna seem too attached, and he didn’t either. I fell asleep two hours later.

  I woke up to the smell of roses and bacon. Ann explained me that ‘a really handsome young man asked me to gave these to his fine young lady’, giving me a bunch of red roses. I had never received flowers before. It was the second most beautiful morning of my life so far. My first was yesterday. I called him, since texting seemed too cheap after his amazing gesture. The phone rang about 5 times when someone answered. ‘Hello, Ivy’. I had never heard his voice on the phone before, but I was sure it wasn’t him. ‘Who is this?’ –‘Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Jay, hopefully Aiden’s best friend. You must be Ivy. My boy told me about you. Or, should I say, sang your name all morning. Haha I’m kidding. Anyway, you sound awesome.’ – ‘Well,  thank you. I can say the same thing about you’ –‘Now, here’s Aiden. I hope I’ll have the pleasure of soon meeting you in person. Goodbye now.’ –‘ Ivy? Whatever he told you isn’t true. I was taking a shower. Sorry for that.’

-‘No, no, it’s ok. He sounds great. He didn’t say anything bad. I.. wanted to thank you for the roses. I mean, they’re beautiful. Sorry for calling, I don’t know how to respond to your awesomeness.’

-‘Don’t apologise, I’m glad you called. You deserve so much more than roses.’

-‘ok. Not really, but I will pay you back. Tonight.’ I can almost feel him smiling.

-‘Should I be scared or excited?’


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