strangers with memories

hello! I go by the name Asy,I'm 15 and this is my 1st attempt to write a movella. Comment & tell me what you think about it? xx

Ivy,16,is ready to live the greatest summer of her life,seeking for adventure,prepared for pretty much anything. She soon meets Aiden,17,a mystirious boy who gets her attention..


1. face to face


 ''Are you done already? We're almost ready to live babyy'' shouts my cousin Athena,one of the most amazing people I've had the pleasure to meet.''I'm comiiiiing!'' I scream as I grab my sunglasses and put my hair up in a ponytail. What a hot day. I step outside and see my cousins and some friends loading our black Captiva,trying to squeeze their stuff at the back of the car,singing along to 'lonely no more' by Rob Thomas. I love those guys. Everyone's sun kissed and free of worries,with me being no exception. Finally,some time to lay back,step away from the anxiety and drama of the year. And what's a better to do that than a beautiful greek island,full of crazy things to do and even crazier people to meet,accompanied by breathtaking sunsets and the smell of alcohol,sea and flowers? I smile at myself and walk towards the car.

 The whole ride to the beach,I can't stop thinking about him. When we finally arrive,my eyes subconsiously look for him. Of course he's there. He's always there. Everywhere I go,he magically follows. Or maybe I'm just illusinating and it's just a pretty crazy coincidence..



 She's here. Stunning,as always.I watch her through my sunglasses pretending to be asleep to get away from the guys. She's wearing a short blue dress,which she soon takes off. I can't help but admire her tanned,soft skin,her long thin legs,the shape of her back..perfect. Her plain black,strapless bikini is doing her justice. Her long,blons hair seems silky and shiny under the sun light. The way she moves around and laughs at her friend's jokes,unaware of how beautiful she looks makes my knees go weak. wtf? I'm not that type of guy. I don't fall in love. This is bullshit. She's just hot,that's all..



I tried to ignore his stare and have fun.And I did.Untill the afternoon. After hours of swimming,relaxing and playing beach volley,we decide to go to a tavern/restaurant near the beach to satisfy our hunger. He and his friends are sitting just two tables away. I can feel his eyes focused on me. That's it. I excuse myself and signal him with my eyes to follow me to the restroom. I go in,take a deep breath and wait for him to come.


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