strangers with memories

hello! I go by the name Asy,I'm 15 and this is my 1st attempt to write a movella. Comment & tell me what you think about it? xx

Ivy,16,is ready to live the greatest summer of her life,seeking for adventure,prepared for pretty much anything. She soon meets Aiden,17,a mystirious boy who gets her attention..


4. Ann and Olive



Today Annelie and I decided to spend some quality time with this other girl, Olive. I knew her since primary school but we never really hung out until last year, and I had found out she’s pretty cool. We went to an aquarium, which was amazing, and Annelie and I told her everything about Aiden, since we’re kinda used to sharing our news and secrets. We wanted to save our energy for the next day, because there was going to be a huge beach party all of us would go to. We stopped by a cute store with unique stuff and bought ourselves something to wear at the party. I got a little white vintage dress, strapless, with a cut  just above my knees. I was hoping Aiden would be there, but I didn’t wanna seem like I was trying desperately.  Annelie got a beautiful pair of gold earings with angel wings carved on them, which somehow brought up her sparkly blue eyes. She wanted to get over this guy she was in love with, because he would change schools next year so she was looking forward to tomorrow.  Olive went for a simple black tank top with high-waisted shorts that flattered her long, slim legs. We went back to our house and found the others. We got something to eat and then we all went to bed after watching a thriller I didn’t pay attention too because I was too busy thinking about Aiden.


‘Wake uuuuuuuuup wake up wake up wake uuup!’ I open my eyes and see Ann and Olive jumping on my mattress, since a cottage with 15 people living in it can’t really fit beds too. I put my pillow over my head and turn around. ‘PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY PLEEEEASE? -Today’s the big day! - And it’s almost 12! - You HAVE to get up! –You have to help us! –He have nails to paint, hair to curl, make-up to put on! –We can’t do all of that alone!’ I admire how they’re completing each other, but they might as well do it in lower voices. ‘But the party doesn’t start before 9! And I have dark circles to deal with! So let me get some sleep, would you?’. I notice a minute of silence, which means I have a point. But I know them. No way they’re letting me get back to sleep. ‘You know we know you’re right, but you also know you’re not sleeping any more’. ‘Stop reading my mind!’ I say and get out of bed. ‘Well, since you two buzzkillers made me get up, the least you can do is get me some breakfast!’ ‘You mean diner’ adds Olive and hands me some freshly baked bread covered in nutella as we enter the kitchen. ‘How thoughtfull’ I answer with an ironic smile on my face. ‘Okey, who’s first  for pedi?’ ‘I’m not painting anyone’s toes until I am completely awake.’ ‘So I guess I’m starting with yours’ says Ann while getting a bright red nail polish. ‘I want black, pleease’ says Olive before taking a zip of coca cola, her favorite drink. ‘ Cause you’re a hardass’, I add.’Always.’

By 8:30 we had taken a bath, painted our nails, got all dressed and made up and done our hair. Ann wore a short red girly dress with beige little flowers designed on it, the angel-wing earings and simple brown sandals, straightened her blond hair, which fell just above her chest and put on red lipstick and I made her eyes look neutral using brown, bronze and light gold eyeshadows and mascara.  Olive wore the outfit she bought with black all-stars, curled her hair and applied some mascara and eyeliner, keeping it simple as always. They both looked great. I wore the little white dress with a pair of blue sandals my mum had got me for my birthday and 3 matching silver-blue necklaces, Ann made my eyes smoky by applying

black eyeshadow after insisting on how it matched my blue-grey eyes, and curled my hair. Needless to say we wear bikinis instead of underware. Everyone looks and smells really good, and we leave around 8:50 for the beach. I have a feeling that tonight will be full of surprises..




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