Just Let Me Explain.

For the life of Zoe Barkley, everything was pretty damn simple. School, job, the normal life of an American teenage girl. That is until her and her best friend Emma, take a trip to Germany for Zoe's 18th birthday. When Harry Styles and the rest of the One Direction gang 'abduct' the girls, will it take a dirty twist?

"Zoe was a name I never wanted to forget." - Harry


2. Twenty Questions... and then some.

We had finally arrived in London, a few blocks away from the sex kingdom of the sex king himself. I tried to keep calm, act cool, but inside, I was falling to pieces just thinking about everything. I needed to see Emma. We needed to just talk! Seriously, how does a situation like this even happen in the first place.

“Here we are, kids!” said the driver, who later I found out was named Chuck. Suits him, I think.

Harry steps out of the car first, keys in hand to unlock the door. He holds his hand out for me, “Come on, I’ll show ya around!” I return the gesture and leap out of the car, pretty damn eager to see this. He unlocks the door and all you can see is leather couches placed around a brick fireplace with a flat screen TV hanging on the wall in front of it. The place is covered in dark hardwood floors and marble counter tops. “Whattaya think?! Amazing or amazing.” He chuckled.

“Amazing for sure! Wow! I can’t believe you live here...” I was shocked.

“You haven’t even seen the best part.” He led me to his bedroom and opened the door to a king size bed in the middle of the room, surrounded by a huge stereo system and pictures of him and the band from award shows, interviews and photo shoots, on the walls. I found a picture of him and Louis hugging and the caption read “Larry Stylinson in Action”. I pointed to it and chuckled, “This one is my favorite!”

He blushed and covered it with his hand. “I was young and innocent okay.” Laughter finally broke out between both of us.

“Oh, and you’re not either of those anymore?” Let’s be real, I was hardcore flirting with this kid with no intention of stopping.

“Well, I wouldn’t say so…” He winked and smiled. ‘Alright Styles, right here, right now. Let’s get it on.’ Good thing it was only my head that said that, my mouth is too much of a scaredy cat.

“Sooo… When will I see my best friend? Or was this your plan all along? To kidnap me!” I laughed and walked back into the main room, Harry followed me.

“They’re all coming over now to eat dinner. Looks like Zayn ordered Chinese for the lot. Is that cool?” Ah, I hadn’t even thought of how hungry I was until he mentioned food! I mean, I WAS passed out for almost two days, seems reasonable.

“Sounds great.” I said, trying to keep cool, always gotta keep cool.

About ten minutes later, the rest of One Direction had arrived, my best friend still alive, thank god. I ran over and hugged her, never happier than to see her not dead. I introduced myself to all the boys, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. I turned to Emma and whispered “Chat. Now. Like really.” I was eager to hear her details, and to share mine. “Hey, do you guys mind if we talk for a few minutes?”

The one and only Liam Payne responded, “Take your time, girls!” Harry motioned us away to go talk in his room.

Emma said, “Zoe, I’m so happy to see you! I can’t believe what happened… How does something like this happen?!”

I threw my hands up in the air, “My words exactly!”

“What do you think we should do, Zo’? Because I don’t know about you but, it seems like these guys want to get to know us a little more… And for me, at least, the feeling is mutual. When are we ever going to have the chance to hangout and actually get to know a group of international popstars? Exactly. Never again.”

I was a little skeptical at first, but they all seem pretty nice, why not give it a shot. “Well, what are we supposed to do? What if they don’t actually want us here?” I was always the voice of reason in our friendship.

“Then we leave! Simple as that, it’s not like we’ll ever see them again when we go home!” Okay she has moments of clarity. “We should go back out now, freaking starving over here.” Emma said, almost too excitedly.

We walk back out to the main room, boxes and boxes of food, damn, these boys can eat. Things were definitely kind of awkward, considering my best friend and I were abducted by a group of British pop singers and were now eating in one of their flats… Awkward was the least of the troubles.

“So who’s up for some food?!” I heard Niall chime in. Emma and I both raised our hands. “Let’s hope the Amis have as much as an appetite as us Brits!” Zayn said, and laughed at his own joke. We all ate, chatted, got to know each other a little, quite enjoyable, actually.

Then, someone thought it would be fun to ask each other questions… regarding personal lives and just too much information. Niall went first and asked Emma, “Are you single?” All the boys laughed at him, and Emma… Well, she just blushed up a damn storm. “Uh… yes…” She answered cautiously. Okay, again with the awkward, was this always the vibe?! We went around a few more times, and things definitely got a little more personal… Louis asked Zayn, “Giver or a taker?” Oh god, I thought to myself. Who asks a question like that in front of two girls you just practically met. Stupid. “Definitely a giver.” Zayn answered and winked at me. Excuse me, bro… Five guy sausage fest and two girls? Basically the most uncomfortable situation of my life, but I let it go and looked away from Zayn.

“Alright Zayn, choose someone next.” Liam said. “Okay… Harry, ask someone!” “Zoe.” Harry stared at me, waiting for a response, I presume.

“Yes…” I was fucked. “Will you, I don’t know… Have dinner with me tomorrow night?” He asked with a little cheerfulness in his voice. Well, who is gonna turn down a date with Harry Styles! He seemed like a nice kid… Why not. I looked at Emma and she urged me to answer.

“Sure…” I responded, and the rest of the boys smiled and giggled a little bit. We proceeded to play that game for twenty minutes. Now, I wasn’t one to deny the feelings between Harry and I… there was definitely something there. It started to get a late once we finished the game and dinner. The boys were all getting ready to leave. I was a little hesitant to ask where we should sleep or if we should go now.

“So, should we leave now, too?” I asked Harry, hoping the answer was no.

“Of course not! We’ve arranged everything already, no worries. Were you expecting me to kick you out already?! Haven’t even gotten to know you yet.” He smiled. “You’ll be staying here, Zoe. Emma, you’ll be staying at Niall’s.” Emma and I made eye contact and a reassuring smile was initiated. Maybe it would be cool to get to know these guys after all. Everyone finally left to their own separate flats, leaving me, all alone, with Harry Styles. Anything could happen.

“Are you even tired?!” He asked and chuckled before crashing on the couch in his living room.

I sat down on the chair across from him, “No. I mean, I did sleep for almost a day and a half... I think I’m set for a while!” We both laughed then he stood up to go somewhere.

“Do you mind if I go change really quick? For the record, I’m not tired either. Looks like we got a long night ahead of us!”

I giggled, “No problem. Go as you wish.” I motion him to his bedroom. He walked to his room and closed the door behind him, leaving a medium sized crack open. I’m assuming he thought I couldn’t see him, but I definitely saw the reflection in the mirror. I watched with caution as he pulled his shirt off, flexing his biceps and muscles of an angel. He then managed to pull his pants off revealing what seemed to be... American flag boxers? Is this some kind of sick joke? He totally wants me. Harry put on sweats and a sweatshirt but not before looking in the mirror to see me staring at him and all his glory. He smirked and I quickly looked away, pretending I didn’t see anything. He casually walked back, running his fingers through his hair, what a tease… I tapped my foot, trying to think of something to say that wasn’t completely lame. It just hit me, “Harry! Emma and I have no luggage! No wallets, passports, purses! I can’t-“ He interrupted me. “Purse with passports and money, are with Zayn. You guys had that with you in the bar. As for luggage, I can have your hotel ship it home or here… depending on how long you stay… if you even want to stay, which is totally up to you!”

Whoever said popstars were stuck-up assholes, has obviously never met Harry Styles.

“Oh wow, thanks, I really appreciate that.”

He smiled, “It’s no problem. My pleasure. So, I think we need to find something to do to pass the time, considering we won’t be sleeping tonight…”

Is that code for sex? Because I’m so down. Oh god, I’m so glad he can’t hear my thoughts right now…

“Alright. Tell me your story, Harry Styles. Everything.” I was honestly curious as to who this green eyed, curly headed boy was. It was bound to be an exciting night.

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