Just Let Me Explain.

For the life of Zoe Barkley, everything was pretty damn simple. School, job, the normal life of an American teenage girl. That is until her and her best friend Emma, take a trip to Germany for Zoe's 18th birthday. When Harry Styles and the rest of the One Direction gang 'abduct' the girls, will it take a dirty twist?

"Zoe was a name I never wanted to forget." - Harry


4. Set-Ups & Drag Queens

Harry and I had finished out meals quick then headed back to his flat. It was already pushing 6:30 am. We had talked even more once when we were at the diner and eating. There is already so much I know about this boy, not even knowing him for two days. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit eager to get to know him and the rest of the boys in the next three weeks, but definitely needed some girl time with Emma.

“So what are you doing today?” Harry interrupted my daydreaming, mid thought.

“Oh, I don’t know. I need to talk with Emma though. Maybe go look around London a bit. Never been here before.” I replied.

“Let me know if you need me to show you around.” He winked and chuckled. I laughed, “Will do.”

“You know Niall kind of has a thing for Emma, don’t you?” He laughed as we continued up the stairs to his flat, entering his living room.

I sat on the couch and crossed my legs before, confusingly replying, “Uh… What do you mean? He’s known her for like, a day?”

“That doesn’t mean he can’t have feelings for her, even if it is just lust…” He looked away and awaited a response.

“I guess he did ask her if she was single… and blushed…” I thought about it, when we were playing the game, it was strange at the time, because none of us knew each other, but Harry was right about the ‘lust’ thing.

“Harry, we should set them up!” I laughed and smiled at the brilliant idea I had just considered. Harry stood up from the chair he was sitting in across from me.

“There’s a thought!” He smiled, obviously agreeing with me.

“I’m sure she thinks he’s cute too. He seems like her type from what I’ve seen.” Harry had started slowly pacing around the room, I could tell he was really thinking about the idea. “Or I have a better idea. If you go to lunch with Emma today, I will take Niall and the boys out and we will question him and get all the details, you do the same with her!”

That idea made me doubt my idea even more.

“Don’t you think we should actually bud out of it though? I mean, I guess if they really are interested, they would establish it themselves?” I knew my best friend, I know she won’t do anything unless it’s voluntary, aka, won’t go out with Niall unless she wants to.

“No no, of course we should, but we just need to even know if they are interested, then who knows, maybe Niall will be more confident to ask her out if he’s certain the feeling is mutual. At least, that’s what I would do if I was in that situation…”

Homeboy had a good point.

“Fine. I’ll ask her about it a little, but I’m not promising anything!” I said.

Harry’s phone went off and he pulled it out of his jean pocket, receiving what seemed to be a text message. “Liam just texted me and said he needs me and the boys to help him with some studio stuff today. Looks like you’re forced to go with Emma.” He smiled before typing a message back to Liam.

“Fine by me.” I said as I shifted my weight on the couch, awkwardly looking around the room to try and find something to do or pass time with.

“Do you want to watch a movie until everyone is awake and moving?” Harry asked, curiously. “Sure. You pick.” I smiled.

Harry went over to a cabinet and opened the doors, revealing probably close to 200 DVDs. “Wow… Looks like you have too much time on your hands, Styles!” I laughed and walked over to admire his collection. “Don’t make fun of me, but they are… Alphabetized.” He smiled and put his hands over his head, covering his shame.

I giggled, “Mine at home are too, I understand.” Proceeding to pat him on the back.

His fingers grazed over every DVD from A to Z, looking for a film to watch. He stopped and grabbed one off the shelf and held it up to me. “Rocky Horror Picture Show?” I looked at him, oddly, “Harry, are you trying to tell me you are a drag queen from another world?”

He laughed and stood up, “Is this movie okay then?” I stood up and walked back to the couch to sit down, “Yup, it’s great!”

Harry put the movie in and pointed to the open spot beside me on the couch, “Can I sit here?”

“No. You have to sit on the roof to watch the movie.” I crossed my arms then smiled, “Yes, you can sit here, geez. It’s your flat.” Harry plopped down next to me leaving not much space between us.

We watched as the opening credits started and I, for some reason, felt nervous sitting so close to him. I looked at his strong yet subtle features on his hands on his lap, then trailed my eyes across all of his body that I could see, without him noticing.

He had the hands of a freaking giant. Like, the kind you would want someone to pick you up and hold you with, strong, but not too strong, just gentle at the same time. I could literally feel the warmth between us and it definitely made me nervous.

I scooted a little bit to the opposite side of the couch and crossed my legs. He looked away uneasily from me and stared back at the movie.

We were about an hour and a half in at this point and his phone went off again. He picked it up off the table in front of us. “Niall texted me and said that Emma and everyone else is awake now. They’ll be here shortly and we can set up our plans for the day.” He said.

“Alrighty.” I smiled.

Just as I suspected, half an hour later, everyone showed up to Harry’s flat. Emma hugged me and smiled before the rest of the boys followed her in. “Zoe, nice to see you again.” Zayn winked. “Mutual, pal.” I smiled.

Harry clapped his hands together and spoke up as we all gathered around, looking at him. “Okay, so here’s the deal, gang. Zoe has informed me that her and Emma will go do stuff around London today while we do our stuff and then… Well, I don’t know, actually, that’s as far as the plans have gotten…” Everyone quietly chuckled before Louis spoke, “I propose we all go to dinner tonight! Shall we say about 7pm at Chez Raw?”

We all nodded our heads, “Uh, you assume us to know where that is?” Emma said, pointing finger between her and I.

“You have an iPhone. With Google Maps.” Niall winked and smiled. Emma looked down and her cheeks tinted pink before she brushed her hair back and replied, “Okay, settled then! We’ll see you guys there!”

Liam said something before Zayn passed our purses back to us, thank god because I would have had a legitimate heart attack without it. “Just don’t get lost, girls. And be careful. London can be dangerous. Call if you need anything.” Daddy Direction, as people called him, always knew how to be responsible.

I looked at my phone as I pulled it out of my bag, “I think we may have a problem with that. Don’t have your numbers.” We all exchanged numbers for future reference and then Emma and I left Harry’s flat to go on search of food and the wonders of London.

A part of me was curious what the boys would talk about and how much of us they would speak of today, because I already knew exactly what Emma and I would talk about.


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