Just Let Me Explain.

For the life of Zoe Barkley, everything was pretty damn simple. School, job, the normal life of an American teenage girl. That is until her and her best friend Emma, take a trip to Germany for Zoe's 18th birthday. When Harry Styles and the rest of the One Direction gang 'abduct' the girls, will it take a dirty twist?

"Zoe was a name I never wanted to forget." - Harry


1. Kidnapped.

I open my eyes to discover there was a smeared number written on the top of my left hand. Looked like 7 to me. Taking out my iPhone as a mirror, I checked to make sure nothing was on my face. Clear.


“Uhm, excuse me? Where are we?” I asked the driver as I looked out of the window of the unfamiliar car I seemed to be sleeping and driving in. 


“Oh you’re up! Well little miss, we’re about 2 hours north of London, headin’ there right now.” He was a happy fella.


“EXCUSE ME, did you just say LONDON? As in… LONDON, ENGLAND….?”


“Uh, yeah miss… Don’t cha know who’s vehicle you’re sittin’ in right now?” The driver seemed just as confused as I was.


“I actually have no clue and I’d really like to know why I’m being driven to London, England, that way when I call the cops, I’ll have enough details to make it a legitimate case.”


“Well, don’t rush now, why don’t cha turn around and look who’s asleep behind you first…”


Right now, I’m sharing the same air as Harry Styles. 


The last thing I can remember was being in a car with my best friend, Emma, in Germany… How did I end up in England?! And where is she!? The only possible explanations were drugs, alcohol and being kidnapped. Even though I wasn’t even a ‘kid’ anymore… I turned 18 three weeks ago, and my big present was Germany for a month with my best friend. Couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that, now could I?  It was actually, to be honest, kind of freaking me out… I needed to wake up Harry motherfucking Styles, asap…


"Should I wake him?" I asked the driver, cautiously.


"I reckon you do what you wish, but just know, the lad's a little cranky when woken." He chuckled.


"Well, this is urgent." I needed answers to questions that had to be asked. I turn around in the car to wake him, but end up finding him staring at me, arms crossed, smiling. Frustrated and quite angry I said, "Uhm, yeah, I'm sorry but I have no clue where my best friend is or why I'm in your car or why I don't remember anything and I would really appreciate having some answers... Like... ASAP." Harry laughed and ran his fingers through his brown curls. Damn, there is no denying how unbelievably stunning that boy is, but that's beside the point!


"Hahah, my lads and I were in Germany for a show last night, then we went to a bar to hangout and have a few drinks, ya know, because international popstars need to take a break every once and awhile too. Then we ended up finding you and your friend, completely hammered, as in like, unable to remember your name, hammered. We felt like you weren't safe and decided to bring you with us to our show in Birmingham which ended a few hours ago, that's why we're driving back to London right now. You literally haven't woken up since yesterday. Girl knows how to take shots though!" He laughs again. Me, being completely unaware of the mess I caused, stared at him with a blank face, irritated.


"Yeah, basically you kidnapped us." He had a confused expression I tried to read, but no luck.


"Kidnap you? We were trying to help you instead of leaving you in a sketchy bar filled with men who most like would have brought you back to their house! Or chamber! To kill you!" I guess I shouldn't be complaining, really. I'm in a car with Harry Styles after he saved my ass from getting raped and killed.


"Thanks then. But... where the hell is my friend?" Again, he laughed. What is with this kid finding every sentence that comes out of my mouth, hilarious.


"She's in Niall's car... Did you know she gets super…affectionate when she's wasted?"


I laughed, because that sounds like Emma... "Uh yeah, that tends to happen a lot..." He looked up at me with his green orbs of eyes and smiled, looking somewhat apologetic.


"Hey, I'm sorry, it was just my first instinct to help. But we can find you girls a flight back to wherever you need to go, when we get to my flat."


I smiled lightly back, "Thanks, we really do appreciate it. Who knows, if it weren't for you, we may have been chopped up and thrown in a garden right now as fertilizer!" We both laughed as I sat back into the car.


"Sorry to ask, but what's your name...? You never told me the other night. I reckon you didn't even know yourself!" I blushed,agreeing because sounds like I probably didn't.


I replied awkwardly, "I'm Zoe." Harry smiled and didn't tell me his name, he can read me like a book if he thinks I already know it.


"Lovely name, painfully American." I laughed and smiled, looking out on English soil, it suddenly hit me that I was in a car with Harry Styles, going to London to his flat... Who knew being kidnapped could be such a good thing.

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