Just Let Me Explain.

For the life of Zoe Barkley, everything was pretty damn simple. School, job, the normal life of an American teenage girl. That is until her and her best friend Emma, take a trip to Germany for Zoe's 18th birthday. When Harry Styles and the rest of the One Direction gang 'abduct' the girls, will it take a dirty twist?

"Zoe was a name I never wanted to forget." - Harry


3. Diners, desperation and death by pancakes

Harry went on to tell me his life story, quite interesting... I actually wouldn’t know… I was too busy getting lost in his eyes… Wait, forget I said that.

“Well, my name is Harry Edward Styles, I’m eighteen years old, I grew up in Holmes Chapel and I like to sing!” He said enthusiastically, throwing his hands up in the air.

I giggled and responded, “My name is Zoe Abigail Barkley, I’m eighteen years old, I grew up in Seattle and I like to…party?” I winked and he laughed in hysterics.

“I’m just kidding. I really like to write poetry and make pottery.”

“Interesting combination…I like it. It’s…different.” He said.

We went on to share stories from past birthdays, ‘first times’, family and friends, even problems. Shit got deep.

“Yeah, my parents split up when I was a baby. It’s only been about three years with my stepdad around.” I said. I couldn’t believe I was sharing so much of my past with someone I’d only known for about six hours.

“Wow. Seems like you’re a pretty strong and independent girl then, huh.” He said.

“Well, I think so!” I smiled and looked at the clock on his wall and I really had no clue how long it had been. 4am?!

“I’m still not tired.” I said, surprisingly.

“I’m pretty sure the diner down the street open at 4:30, wanna go!?” This kid and food, I swear.

“As long as they serve pancakes, I will definitely take you up on that offer, Styles!” We both got up to put on our shoes and jacket. A jacket, of which, I didn’t have.


Harry walked over and laid one of his sweatshirts on my shoulders. “Here, you’re gonna be cold.”

Let the gods of Earth hear my cries, it was a Jack Wills sweatshirt. One that harry was first seen wearing right as the band was announced and their first single was released. Fangirling so hardcore right now. ‘Keep your cool, keep your cool.’ I thought to myself. But then again, it was hard to keep cool when Harry’s clothing was keeping you warm… Okay, forget I said that too. We left his flat and walked about five minutes before reaching a broken down looking diner with flickering lights, no customers, and one waitress. A tad bit sketchy, if I do say so myself.

“We could just wait and go somewhere else?” I asked Harry.

“No! It’s really good, and nobody is here right now so we won’t get mobbed!” Harry replied.

“That’s always a plus. Alright.” I said. We sat down at a booth in the corner of the diner looking over menus at our table for what to order.

“Hey kids, what would ya like?” The waitress walked over and asked us, grabbing her paper to write down our meals.

“Uh, I’ll just have a stack of pancakes and a hot chocolate, please.” I asked her and handed her my menu.

“I’ll have the bacon cheeseburger, no tomatoes, extra cheese and a side of fries, please.” Harry ordered, at almost 5am.

“Alright… That’ll be out soon.” She gave him as weird look as she walked back to the kitchen. I presume because the kid ordered a dinner meal at 5am.

“Little hungry there, tiger?!” I laughed.

“Only a little.” He winked and laughed. He clasped his hands together and set them on the table. “So, let’s get down to business.”

Oh god, what does THAT mean? How on Earth am I supposed to interpret that as something good? For some reason, my face got a little flushed and I felt nervous.

“Uh…Okay…” I said, cautiously.

“You’ve been here for about one week already, you said?” Harry asked.


“How much longer are you supposed to be staying in Europe?”

“Three weeks from tomorrow.”

“Okay. Do you want to fly back to Germany?”

I actually had to think about that for a while. I was really liking getting to know this guy and saying the wrong thing could mess up this entire…friendship? Thing? What was even happening. Part of me wanted to say, ‘No Harry! Let me stay with you forever and make curly headed babies with you!’ then, the other part of me wanted to say, ‘Yes. I need to go home to America and live a normal life and not be friends with international British pop stars because sounds to me like drama waiting to happen.’

So, as any normal girl would do, I said the first thing that came to my mind. “I don’t know.” I looked around and started pulling on a loose thread in his sweatshirt sleeve to distract myself from uncomfortable eye contact.

“Let me know soon, okay?” He said, kind of annoyed, I think.

“What do you think I should do?” I asked, curiously.

He hesitated before speaking. “Stay. I mean, I want you to stay. I like you. You’re interesting and different. I know we haven’t known each other very long at all, what, like a day? But, I think we can definitely get to know each other better… I don’t know about what you want, though.” He looked around the diner avoiding eye contact.

I smiled, “I think it’s settled then.”

He looked at me and smiled with the biggest grin, “Really?! Ah, I’m so excited! This will be the best three weeks getting to know a wonderful new friend!” He leaned over the table and hugged me, I returned the smile and hug. Friends. Always gotta start somewhere, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. Three weeks with Harry Styles… I need to talk to Emma asap.

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