The world beyond my life

Theo was always the most loved thing in his humans life, and thats the way he likes it. But a guinea pig will never outlive their owner so what happens when Theo finds himself in Heaven, depressed and all alone.
To help his broken heart, he asks for the ability to write, and begins to keep a diary, as if he is writing to his Meg.
Join Theo on his journey to the day where he gets his world back.

this is for the afterlife competition


2. Theo's Afterlife

Theo’s afterlife


Theo’s Point of View

People say that when you die your life flashes in front of your eyes. All the good times and the bad times mix together and take control of your mind for a few short seconds and then everything ends. Your heart stops beating and all that is left is your soulless body.

    But I was never brought up to believe in all that, My owner always told me that when you died all your dreams came true and that you get to live in a place of peace and happiness. The only thing missing is that your one special person has to be left behind. And now I no what my owner meant. I’m leaving a personal hell and I think I would prefer nothing to this.

     I suppose I better tell you who I am. My name was Theodore but I was called Theo. Before I died I was nearly five years old and my fur had many colours and it shone like diamonds. My special person was called ‘ Megan’, she was nine years old when she got me and as she got older our bond did the same. She was my world and I hope I was part of hers to.

     I was strong you could say. In my time on earth I beat the odds a few times. I got ill, some serious, some not but I always pulled threw. I think it was Megan’s

 Worry that was my medicine, because I knew then I would have to get better so I could comfort her nerves. But in the new year, everything went wrong for me. I got so ill I couldn’t tell the difference between sleep and being conscious. But I always knew my person was with me and in the end she was the one who saved me. No matter how many times I struggled she would be there in an instant to give me my water. It soothed my throat so much and I could feel my strength returning by the seconds. When I woke the next morning, I knew I was still ill, I knew my days where limited but I knew I had to hang on for my Meg. I had to make her realize that she had given me the best life possible and I wanted to leave my world in a quiet way so that it would be easier on my person.

     Many times Megan described to me what animal heaven was like. I loved listening to all her stories but animal heaven or ‘Rainbow Bridge’ as she called It, was always my favourite. She made Rainbow Bridge sound like the best of places and I truly believed I could be happy there.

     But when I arrived I was in for the biggest shock of my life. She was 100% right about heaven. It was a huge green meadow that was full of millions of animals roaming free. Most just being over the moon that no one can no longer hurt them. But there is one good thing, just like Meg said, you can have anything you want and I mean anything.

     So I bet your wondering why I’m writing. Well as I said before, I am living a personal hell. I’ve never felt so alone. And I also said that that you can have anything. So I wasn’t greedy and I asked for 3 things.

For all of my health to be returned. (Although that was granted before I asked) For all of my memories to stay with me. For the ability to write.

      I know the last is a bit unusual for a guinea pig, but I have a lot of time on my paws. So I have decided I want to keep a diary, so I can keep my memories alive. And maybe one day I’ll be able to tell them to other animals. But I think the real reason I want to write is, so I can remember all the happiness I used to have, and keep as much as possible in my little un-beating heart.

And when my Meg comes to join me I’ll be ready, and I can have my world back, so here goes!


17th August 2014

     Dear Meg,

I’ve been practicing my hand writing for ages so this little book will be neat and tidy. I’m sure you would be proud of me.

       My writing talent is pretty cool and I’m surprised how much I actually like it. Now when you come to meet me in this world, we’ll be able to have proper conversations, well writing not speaking but it’s better than nothing.

       I bet all the scientists on earth would love to come poke their noses in here. But they’ll never be aloud thankfully.

       You see for a human to get into this kingdom, they have to answer lots of questions about their pet/s. After that the animal has the choice to make the journey to human heaven or they can remain in ‘ Rainbow Bridge’ as you call it. It would surprise you how many choose to stay here.

       I can’t wait for the day you come, although I don’t wish you dead. No I mean for the day you come and we all get reunited. Me, Maxi and well I’m sure by the time you arrive all of your other pets will be here. I hope you remember me, like I remember you. But I hope your heart doesn’t heart too much. I want you to enjoy life to its limits and make a difference.

      So Meg, I’m writing this to keep my mind occupied. I want to write down all of my memories and new experiences, so that I never forget to tell you about them.

     I thought I’d start with one of my favourites, the day you brought me home. So here goes, sorry my writing isn’t as good as yours.

       When you are in a building all day everyday you don’t really learn the time. You only no it’s time for bed when the lights are turned off and its time to wake up when the lights are switched on.

       I had been at the store for a few weeks by the time you came. The Pets at Home staff treated us well. I don’t want to boast but I was a very popular piggy, the younger ones would follow me around the hutch and what I did they did. I suppose you could call it Theo says. Many people would comment on me, but they would pick someone else or no one at all. But the day you came, the 15th of June if I’m correct was different.

       Two people wanted me, and I don’t mean ‘Mummy can I have him please’ I mean ‘ Can we go get the person, that’s the one’. It was quite overwhelming. I left my little gang behind and tried to look my best. But I’m not sure how well I did because my baby fat just wasn’t shifting.

     But the best part for me was that you just picked another random guinea pig so you could get me. Though I know you loved Maxi the same as you loved me. But anyways, Meg you made me feel very special that day.

      It was strange me and Maxi’s relationship. We both had completely different personalities but that seemed ok. But then he started to get all moody about a year or so after you brought us home and well you know the rest don’t you. I still have a little mark down there Heaven can’t heal all scars.

       I’ve seen Maxi a few times now during my time here. I’ve never went up and had a chat with him. But I can tell you he is better now. He is one of the fastest guinea pigs I’ve seen. He loves running threw all the willow trees with his mates. I must sound like a stalker.

       Here my favourite place has to be the back meadow. It provides the perfect amount of shade from the sun, but also has a nice summer breeze- basically the perfect temperature. And you no how important that is seeing as my fur is quite long. I wish you could see the meadow, I think you would love it. I can imagine you riding threw. Maybe you would ride my friend ‘Captain’ I think you would like him.

       Well I better go, I’ll write soon.

All my Love




The book that I write all my entries in is a small brown leather journal. It’s small enough to fit in my backpack but when I’m in my hutch I keep it in my bookcase. Yes that’s right animals do all the same stuff that human’s do. I watch TV all the time and my favourite shows are the X factor and Britain’s got Talent. I have good taste you have to admit.


12th December 2017

      Dear Meg

Happy Birthday, I can’t believe you’ll be 19 today. The time in Heaven fly’s by and if it wasn’t for my calendar I would have sworn you where turning 15.

     I wish I knew how your life is going, and what sort of stuff you’ve been up to lately. Are you going or at Uni ? One of the animals here told me 19 is the sort of age people start to go. I’m sure you could get into oxford if you wanted to. Its really weird to think of you as 19, because you will always be in my mind the 14 year old animals obsessed girl I had to leave behind.

    I’m happier now Meg, not 100% but I don’t feel so down all the time. I’ve made a few friends but I prefer my own company. I write to you every single day, it’s a shame you won’t no.

     My memory for today’s entry is the day I died. I’m not trying to be depressive, but in a way it was a happy day. At least that’s what I think of it now. It was a happy day because all my pain got lifted and I was free from whatever was attacking me. It was my dream to go quietly and I was given that.

     I woke up with a really bad throat It had been there for a few days but that morning had been the worst. No matter how much I drank it didn’t help and I can remember your parents gently squirting water into my mouth. Although it didn’t help with the pain it still felt really nice. I felt so weak and I didn’t even struggle when I got lifted into the carry case. But it was so soft and I think I may have fallen asleep.

      But once you carried me outside, everything got worse. My throat was the least of my worries. The weather made my body feel like jelly. I started to shiver, shake and feel numb and there was nothing I could do about it. The truth is I wanted it to end. Maybe that’s selfish to wish the greatest gift away but I wanted to be free where nobody could no longer hurt me.

      The worst part for me was that you didn’t no how serious it was. I’ve spent many nights trying to figure out if that’s a good thing or not. In my mind it was good because you didn’t have to wait all morning for my heart to stop and it was a bad thing because our last moments weren’t as I had hoped.

     Meg I have to tell you the happiest moment of my life was our final hug. You held me so gently and stroked me. We told each other how much me loved each other. And you told me that everything was going to be ok. You didn’t say keep your heart beating which is a good thing because if you had of I’m not sure I could have.

       I’m sorry, this entry is depressing, but I think it will help me get it off my chest.

        Once they took me away I got put into one of the kennels at the back. It had a heat lamp just for me. They kept me in my towel and also a tinfoil blanket to try to get my temperature up. I had a drip put into my arm which stung a little and that was it. It didn’t go on for much longer, maybe 2 hours at the most. The last time I was conscious the Vet told me I would be in no pain and that I was very brave. She also told me that I was a gorgeous boy, which was really kind of her. After she told me everything I fell asleep.

     The whole point of me writing this Meg is that you realize I went quietly and I didn’t feel anything. I know I’m not as happy as I would be if you where with me but I’m safe and waiting until the day you come for me.

      Speak to you soon




After that entry I let a few tears escape. In a way I needed to get it off my chest. For the past 4 years I had kept it bottled up and I suddenly felt very exposed.

        There was a knock at my door and I quickly tied my diary away,

  “Hello” I squeaked, opening the door

  “ Long time no see, Theo” My brother Maxi replied, leaning casually against my little home. And straight away my defensive side hit in.



1st January 2032

    Dear Meg


   2032, wow, time really does fly doesn’t it. In heaven a new year is really celebrated, I suppose there is no reason for it to be.

   Instead of a memory I’m going to tell you an event. It was many moons ago, straight after I wrote a diary entry. There was a knock at my door and I thought it was a friend or something so I hurried to answer it. But I received a huge shock, Maxi was leaning casually against my door, just as if our past hadn’t happened. Straight away my defensive side kicked in, I didn’t want to but his mood was completely wrong for the situation.

   We went outside and talked, keeping our distance. We talked about things I couldn’t even talk to you about. I figured a lot of things out, like why we die, why we love, and why we forgive. Maxi is all the family I’ve got here. He hates earth for killing him, he doesn’t blame you, he just wishes he hadn’t got ill. What he said though got me thinking.

    My heart doesn’t beat, but I feel no different from my time on earth. I’m not a ghost because I can’t travel to earth and animals can’t walk threw me. My conclusion is that I am a ‘soul’, but even that theory has its flaws. I wish I knew the answer.

   Other than hating earth, Maxi is pretty well. He misses you as much as I do. We aren’t really close, but we talk often and I no longer feel angry. Its strange, for so long I tried to picture our reunion and It wasn’t anything like what I had in my head. I think that’s good though.

   So enough about me what about you? Let me figure it out, you’ll be 34 now. I’m guessing you’ll have a job, doing what you really love. You’ll be married and have kids. So strange to imagine. Though I know you’ll be a great Mummy. I wonder if you have any pets, probably a few dogs.

   Well I better go




Usually after writing an entry I feel down, and depressed. It gets me thinking of all the days we spent together. But today I felt different. I finally figured that I can be happy if I keep reminding myself we’ll be together.


14th July 2046

   Dear Meg

Well I hope the weather on earth is good, its lovely here, but then it is everyday. So your 48 now, I’m not sure if you’d hate that fact or not. I still struggle to imagine your life as you get older.

     Today I am going to write a description of heaven. I’ll try, though I can’t promise anything.

     So like in all the stories, Heavens entrance is a gate, quite tall and gold. Now remember this is only animal Heaven.

     On arrival I was greeted by a group of angels. They wore white gowns and of course had the typical white wings covered in feathers. I have to say they where very kind. They comforted me and explained what was going on. It is strange going from one place to another, you fall asleep in one place and wake in another.

      Once I was calmed they showed me to my hutch, which is more like a chicken coup. Very large, and plenty of space and I love my garden. Although the floor is covered in sawdust and has a few piles of hay here and there, it is quite like a home. I have a TV, sofa, kitchen, bed, computer, desk and in the garden I have my own hammock.

The land is many meadows, sort of split into sections. More to the north animals with a cold habitat live and to the south, animals who need warmer climates live.  My writing skills aren’t great so the best way to sum it up is that everything is perfect.

   Out and about there is constantly Angels, keeping everything right. They make sure we are all safe, that everyone has what they need and they also keep the place spotless.

    They come daily to clean our homes, if we want. I’m not sure why they do what they do, but its very kind for them to donate there peace to us. But then they have forever to do what they want.

     Everyday I get stronger Meg. Its almost as if my body knows your coming. I cant wait, even thinking about it makes me want to scream.  I wish I could explain to you what my love for you is like. I think it may be because on earth an animal is so dependent on humans and there is always one who makes such a difference and you where that one. I loved you like you where my mum, best friend, and guardian, I just hope I was special to you, I really do.


     All my love




Megan’s point of view.


I arrived at the gates, feeling a mix of emotions. How many times as a child had I dreamt of this moment. Not that  I wished myself dead, I just hated being without that special soul.

    I had been dead for a few weeks now, and everything was hectic. Everyday was catching up with my loved ones, it was amazing. On Heaven I had been reunited with my Parents, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunties and a few friends. But the best one was my Husband, the complete love of my life. Although my 3 daughters and son and grandchildren where still on earth, I didn’t mind. Although I missed them dreadfully I was content with the fact we would meet again. If only they knew.

  My parents had already collected most of our family pets, but they had left Maxi, Oscar and Theo for me. And boy had I been waiting for this day.

  So for the last few weeks I had been living my dreams and had been waiting for this day.

  Theo was the most special out of the three. I couldn’t explain what I felt for him. I needed him in a way he deserved to be human. And over the time I had lived without him I had cried well over a million tears. I needed him like a addict needed there supply.

   “ How may I help you?” The angel at the gate asked me

   “ I’m here to collect my guinea pigs, Maxi, Oscar and Theo” The last name was said with pure joy.

“ I’ll get them up on the system”

I waited patiently, knowing if my heart was still beating I would have had a attack by now.

“ Follow me please” and the gate opened, releasing a place of perfectness. Would they want to leave this place.


Theo’s point of view.


I went to my bookcase to fetch my diary. Today’s entry was going to be about the day I got my new indoor hutch. It was huge and even though the bottom half had Oscar living in it, I loved it in everyway.

   But before I could begin, my body began to tremble. Not in a bad way, I was trembling with pure happiness. Only one thing sprang to mind- Meg. It was possible, she would be 81 now.

   As the time went on, the trembles got stronger, it had to be. I ran out of my hutch to see if anything was going on and sure enough Maxi and Oscar where running in the direction of the gates. Even though Maxi was one of the fastest guinea pigs ever, I was beating him, because my love for Meg was stronger.

   The gate was approaching and without realizing I began to squeak, loader than ever before.

“ Theo” Meg cried, running towards us. I’m sure she said the others names but I wasn’t listening. It didn’t matter, she still wanted me.

  I was the first to reach her arms and straight away she was hugging me. I was crying and so was she. I suddenly felt like the Theo I was before I got ill. After a while she set me down to fuzz the others, but hers eyes where always on me.

   But one thing wasn’t right. Meg didn’t look 81, she looked exactly the way she had when I left.     

   My favourite angel sensed my confusion and knowing my talent handed me a piece of paper and a pen.

  “ Why does she look like that?” I wrote. Being extra gentle she whispered in my ear

  “ She looks like that because that’s how you want her to look” I nodded, trying to take it all in. “ To someone else she will look different” She set me down again and asked the us piggies to go collect our belongings.

   It didn’t take long, I packed my notebook, blanket and folded my hammock small enough make it fit in the small suitcase, before grabbing my teddy carrot. I didn’t need the rest. Someone else could needed the stuff more.

   Meg was waiting for us and I was the first to reach her again. Straight away I was in her arms, my head resting on her shoulder. Everything was perfect and i had my world back.  The others followed us out to the rest of forever, all of us finally being able to rest in peace.




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