I see myself die...


1. Making the effort

''Kate, you will come tonight, wont you?''

'I dont know yet... I don't really want to see Dan there.''

''I know, but you have to rise above it, and see what happens...''

''Ok babe, I'll try and come, but if i don't like it, i will have to leave.''

Alright, well thanks for making the effort, all our friends will be there.''

''Ok, see you at 8, bye babe''

''Bye, kate''


I made the effort, and got ready, I put on my short dress, (from Jack Wills, of course!) and put a layer of foundation on, a stroke of mascara on, and a dab of blusher. I trudged through the pile of junk on my floor, and found a hair scrunshie under my jeens, I messily tied up my hair, grabbed my bag, put on my stilletos, ran down the stairs, opened the door, ''by mum, be back at about 9''

''By darling, see you later.''


I got out my keys, and opened the door to my car, I turned on the engine, and drove out of the drive, on to the motorway.

I turned to the road, Lucy lives on, and saw balloons all over the gate. I parked in the drive, and jumped out the car, I turned on my phone and called Lily,

''Hi, I am here, where are you!?''

Hiiiii, I am in the  pool outside, i am in the green bikini, there are about 400 people here Kate, its inredible!!!''

I could here loud music in the backround, and i knew exactly what to expect, everyone dancing, getting hammered , and hooking up with eachother!

''Ok, I will see you at the pool.''

I found Lily, and there she was, snogging Aaron, in her green bikini, and a glass of malibu, in her hand...


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