I see myself die...


3. help?

I heard Tim, whistle, and Max kept coming over to me, looking me up and down.

I walked into the refreshing cold pool,and i felt so much better!

''Wanna drink Kate?''

''I'd love one!''

She runs to get us both a drink, and when she comes back, we all dance in the pool!

I start to feel sick again, but unknown to kate, she still knocks me about, dancing vigouously , im surprised she had'nt been sick yet!

Max came over to me, and kissed me, I kissed back, and we got into a snog! He put his hands through my hair, and I put my hands on his arms.

''Let me get you another drink'' he said loudly over all the loud music!

I nodded, but I knew I couldnt hulp down another single drop of alcohol...


My head started to spin, and I could feel my body go light, and shaky, I collapsed into the water, and sank to the bottom, my body thudding on the floor, I couldnt feel my body, my eyes shut, and my hands numb. I couldnt get up, I just sunk to the bottom of the water, I needed breath, I couldnt move. I gave up. I turned my light off.

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