I see myself die...


2. Dan

'' Hi Lil!''

''Heyyy, bbbaabbbbeee''

She looks sweaty, and wobbled as she came over to me, I stepped back, and held out my hands, she was talking, but I could'nt understand what she was saying. She was mumbling, but I nodded, and held out my hand to keep her on her feet. She was so drunk, and the party had just started.

''I am going to get a drink honey,''

''Ok kkkaarrreeee,''

She sat back down, put her hand round Aarons head, pulled him towwards her lips, and kissed him. I walked to the drinks table, and poured my self a glass, of Ro'se.

I already felt dizzy in the head, and wobbly, I had had 2 Ro'se's, and felt seriously sick.

I walked over to Dan, he was alone, I just wanted to talk to him.

''Hey, Kate''

''Hi Dan''

''So what are you up to then'' he asked, pulliing out a seat for me to sit on, I elegantly sat down, and smiled at him.

''Not much,''

He gives me a grin, and puts his warm hands on my leg, and leans towardds me, his nose rubbing against mine, he starts to kiss me, I kiss back, and It takes me a minute to realise what I was doing. I let go of him, and stood, up, I felt like I was going to puke, I put my hand on my stomache, and puked all over the patio. He jumped up, and backed away, everyone looked at me, and I ran to the toilets in the house, there were about 14 girls already in the bathroom, doing their hair and makeup, I put my head down the loo, went on my knees, and threw up in the toilet, again and again, the girls in the bathroom, all were saying ''eww, ewww, eww!'' I didnt blame them, I was really sick.

I cleaned up, and went back outside, there were sick stains all over my dress, but I just coverd them up with my cardigan.

There were so many people, laughing, chatting, drinking, kissing, playing games in the pool, and i was there, sitting, on my own, feeling ill, and tired.

Lily came over, hammered, holding hands with Aaron, ''Having fun babe?''

''Yeh, I'm ok, cool party lil!''

''Thanks Kate!!! I heard you vomitted, are you ok now?''

''Haha, yes im fine thanks!!''

''Come in the pool with us Kate!''

''Yeh ok.''

I took off my dress, and all the boys starred, I was in my lepord skin bikinim and actually felt ok about myslef!



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