Tanya is a 13 year old girl, who lives with her mum, dad and annoying older brother Lucas. He never leaves her alone, and he is always pestering her! She finds out that she actually has a long-lost identical twin sister, but they got separated at birth. Tanya can't wait to meet her sister, and she is so excited, but there is something not right about this. Little does Tanya know that a dark secret is being held back, but was it really her family holding it back or Tanya herself?


6. Lost

Tanya stepped out of the station and into the open world, where cars were zooming down the street at high speeds and annoyed adults and shouting children were walking and running down the streets. This was nothing like the quiet countryside the train had just came from. Tanya swallowed hard and walked down the street. She came to a crossing and stepped out onto the striped part of the road. A car beeped loudly and Tanya jumped, her heart in her mouth. The driver of the car squinted at Tanya, and Tanya's eyes widened. There in the car was her school teacher, Miss Carter, and in the back was her mother and father! Tanya panicked and darted across the crossing towards a massive park, full of dogs and their walkers. Some children were playing in the small playground not too far away. Tanya glanced behind her and saw her mother and father jumping out of the car with her teacher following close behind. The one question was, how did they know to come to Malinghurst though? She was confused, but she didn't have time to stand there and wonder. She shot across the grass to the woods at the back, where no one was around. She hid behind a thick tree and peeped out from it, noticing her mum and dad with her teacher running over to the playground. They were speaking to a mum and her older daughter and they pointed in Tanya's direction. Tanya gasped and ran further into the woods. She came to a low-branched tree with higher branches leading up towards the sky. She grabbed hold of the lowest branch and hoisted herself up. She scrambled up the rest of the tree, towards the top where their was enough space for her to hide behind the huge leaves and to sit down and rest too. She just prayed that they wouldn't find her here, so she could meet her sister...

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