Tanya is a 13 year old girl, who lives with her mum, dad and annoying older brother Lucas. He never leaves her alone, and he is always pestering her! She finds out that she actually has a long-lost identical twin sister, but they got separated at birth. Tanya can't wait to meet her sister, and she is so excited, but there is something not right about this. Little does Tanya know that a dark secret is being held back, but was it really her family holding it back or Tanya herself?


5. Fray

Tanya still pondered about what to do, but then she thought that she couldn't risk her knowing her sister because then she wouldn't be able to meet her. Tanya was worrying now whether she had made the right decision, but she wouldn't call it running away because she would be back that same day. She carried on walking, and realised that she didn't know the exact address of her sister, but she knew that she would be able to find it without a doubt. Tanya was still walking, and she came to the local train station. Tanya looked up at the sign and smiled. The sign read: 'Waterlane Train Station'. She breathed out deeply and took a step forward. Then one foot after the other, Tanya walked up to the ticket booth. She spoke to the woman behind the counter and collected her ticket to Malinghurst Train Station. The train had just pulled into the station as Tanya walked onto the platform. She checked she still had all her belongings with her and hopped onto the train. She sat at a window seat and looked out the window. For a moment, she thought she saw her dad at the gate, but when she closed her eyes and opened them again, there was no one there. She sighed and smiled to herself, knowing that she was going to meet her sister soon. The train chugged into action, and sped off into the distance, taking all its passengers inside. Countryside covered the landscape all around the train, only trees, fields and farm animals in sight. The train was peaceful inside with only two women and a sleeping baby in the same carriage as Tanya. She closed her eyes, and started thinking to herself. She imagined what her sister would look like, whether she would look like her or not. They were identical, for example. She was excited that her heart was thumping against her chest and ringing in her ears. The train pulled into Malinghurst Station and there was no one standing on the platform. This was it. She was one step closer to meeting her sister.  

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