Tanya is a 13 year old girl, who lives with her mum, dad and annoying older brother Lucas. He never leaves her alone, and he is always pestering her! She finds out that she actually has a long-lost identical twin sister, but they got separated at birth. Tanya can't wait to meet her sister, and she is so excited, but there is something not right about this. Little does Tanya know that a dark secret is being held back, but was it really her family holding it back or Tanya herself?


19. Flicker

Dom's heart started pumping and pumping uncontrollably. He fell backwards onto his bum, and placed his hands behind him. He pushed his feet out, slowly moving away from the growling voice. The voice grew deeper and deeper and grew into a snarl. It sounded like an animal when it growled and snarled, but no animal could talk, except birds, but that's just mimicking. Dom eventually grew the courage to stand up, and run towards the door. He banged his fists against the door. "HELP! Please! Someone please help me!" Dom screamed to the outside world, banging consistently against the thick grey metal. Skinny hands grabbed him from behind, pulling him away from his only chance of escape. No one had heard him anyway. His heart was thumping badly again, his whole body shaking and trembling. A cold rush of air blew softly against his neck, and a whisper of wrangled words entered his warm ear. Dom gulped, struggling to breathe through fear. Another rush of air was felt against his hot neck, all the blood rushing through his veins to his head. "Please. Please, just leave me alone. I haven't done anything to hurt you." He was crying now, but no tears were coming out of his eyes. He couldn't help but whine because he did not know what was going to become of him. Would he even get out of here alive? Would he be dead in a matter of time? "Oh, but you have, young boy. You've hurt me bad, pal..." The whisper was threatening, as if they wanted to hurt him. A light flickered on in the dingy room. Dom squinted, his eyes barely able to be open. He had been so used to the darkness, that the light was now strange to him. He turned his head towards the person behind him, and opened his eyes as wide as possible to take in the features of his capturer. His heart was thumping badly once again as he realised who it was. He gasped too, not knowing what was going to happen. It was his stepfather. His very violent stepfather. How could Dom not recognise his masculine voice? He was around him every day. He had changed his voice through a machine to confuse Dom. To make him not become suspicious. But the main concern of Dom's was why was his stepdad here? And what was he going to do to him? Before he could even ask, a punch hit him in the face and everything turned black...

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