Tanya is a 13 year old girl, who lives with her mum, dad and annoying older brother Lucas. He never leaves her alone, and he is always pestering her! She finds out that she actually has a long-lost identical twin sister, but they got separated at birth. Tanya can't wait to meet her sister, and she is so excited, but there is something not right about this. Little does Tanya know that a dark secret is being held back, but was it really her family holding it back or Tanya herself?


10. Dom

As she opened her eyes, she found that they were gone, and her and Jack were alone again. Tanya let go of Jack's hands and smiled at him. Then she stopped and looked away. She knew that something was wrong but she just didn't know what yet. She smiled again for extra measure, but when she turned where her face couldn't be seen by Jack, she frowned to herself. Confusion flooded her small body, but she didn't know why she was confused. She knew something was going to happen, which was a weird sensation to her. One that she had never experienced before. Her hand suddenly dropped from Jack's reach. She reached for her phone in her pocket, where it had just vibrated once again. Her eyes met Jack's. He smiled at her and leant forward. Tanya moved backwards so he couldn't reach her lips. When Jack found that he couldn't find Tanya's lips, he opened his eyes, confused. Tanya was against the other wall, staring into space. He frowned and looked straight at her. Tanya came back down to earth and looked back at Jack. "I'm so sorry. I... Uh... I have to go. Bye." Tanya jumped up and rushed off, not knowing where she was heading at all. "Tanya! Wait!" Jack called after her, breaking into a run from walking swiftly. He changed into a sprint. Tanya used all her energy to just get away from him. She needed to get to her sister, and not be hanging around with someone she didn't even know properly. Her sister was more important than a stranger. She could feel Jack close on her heels, so she sprinted in to another burst of energy. She didn't stop until she couldn't hear him following her anymore. She slowed down, breathing quickly and leaning against a tree for support. She leant her back against it, holding her ribs and bending over. She could hear footsteps nearby, but she was too tired to move; she was so out of breath. The girl felt a dark shadow cover her, like a black blanket. Her breathing slowed and she looked up. She gasped. It was Dom! She had known him quite a while now, and secretly fancied him. She was really worried about how she looked in front of him, because this was her crush! She had got to know him through her friend Tasha and she had liked him as a friend at first, but then something more was created. He held out his hand towards her, as help for standing up. Tanya accepted the offer, and put her hand in his. He tightened his grip, and effortlessly pulled her up. Dom smiled at her, in the gorgeous smile he always smiled. Tanya smiled back, butterflies swooping and diving throughout her stomach. They were both standing up, gazing in to each other's eyes. When Tanya realised what was happening, she realised Dom was still grasping her hand. She blushed embarrassed, but Dom just smiled at her still. He opened his mouth, but then shut it again, as if he wanted to say something but then changed his mind. This was it. This was the moment that Tanya was waiting to hear what was going through Dom's mind.

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