Tanya is a 13 year old girl, who lives with her mum, dad and annoying older brother Lucas. He never leaves her alone, and he is always pestering her! She finds out that she actually has a long-lost identical twin sister, but they got separated at birth. Tanya can't wait to meet her sister, and she is so excited, but there is something not right about this. Little does Tanya know that a dark secret is being held back, but was it really her family holding it back or Tanya herself?


11. A Kiss

Tanya looked into Dom's eyes and smiled happily, still holding his hand. Dom smiled back, and lifted his hand up to Tanya's face. He put his hand on her cheek, and looked right into her blue eyes, getting lost in thought about how the easiest way was to tell this to Tanya. He didn't know if she felt the same way about him. Tanya breathed in deeply and looked down at her hands holding Dom's. Dom looked at Tanya again, but her face was looking down towards her hands. He put his finger under her chin, and lifted her head up. A slight breeze picked up, flicking Tanya's thick brown hair round her face. They looked into each other's eyes, and Dom's lips moved. "Tanya. I love you." Those four words were the words that Tanya had dreamed of hearing Dom say. "I love you too." Tanya smiled from ear to ear, and hugged Dom tightly, so happy that they had finally got to this stage. They both leaned forward towards each other, and their lips touched, sending sparks flying between them. Tanya smiled when they had stopped kissing, but she never wanted it to end. They both sat down by the tree, snuggling up to each other. This was the happiest moment of Tanya's life...

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