With the secrets piling up, Holly, Kelsie and Ethan are faced with a very dangerous but exciting adventure!! Follow them to find out how to be good when you are bad!!


1. What's the matter?

"Hey" I said to my ultimate BFF. Her name is Kelsie and we have known each other since we were toddlers. My other BFF is Ethan. Our parents have known each other since they were toddlers so we grew up really close. 
"Hey Holly! What have you been up to? I've missed you!" she replied. Kelsie has short, brown hair and lovely brown eyes. She had gone away for a week which meant that she had a golden brown tan which made me very jelous. I got stuck at home a summer which I could describe as the WORST summer ever. Since texting cost so much we had to email each other. Can you believe that she went to Amsterdam!! Altogether we had email each other 72 times! One email said that she had got a boyfriend! I bugged her so much but she would not tell me. She says that I would not forgive her if she told me. That is very unlikely. Last year she dropped my phone down the toilet but I forgave her. Even though it took a while.
"Nothing much. Just been round Ethan's house that's all." 
"Ethan's? Did he tell you anything?" She said with a panicked look on her face.
"No. Does he know who your going out with?"
"I am not going to say anything anymore. I am going to shut my mouth." She pretended to zip her mouth up, lock it and through away the key. This means that I have to drop the subject or she will not talk to me for a whole day and if I try and talk to her she will make it 2 days. 
"Fine but I'll get it out of you some how." I said dropping the subject.

We walked silently to science which I hate because normally we love gossip. Today was all wrong. Firstly, Eathan is ignoring my calls and now my ultimate BFF wont tell me who she going out with. 
I meet up with some of my friends outside of our science room and things were still awkward between Kelsie and me. What is happening between us? I kept glancing around the science room for Kelsie since we were going to do our science project together. I found her and walked over to her. She was talking to her friend Lizzie and they quietened as I drew nearer. Great! Did Lizzie now as well?
"Hey Lizzie! How you been" I asked politely. 
"I'm fine thank you. I must go and find a partner. See you!" 
"Wait!" Kelsie said quickly. "Work with me."
I stood there shocked. I thought Kelsie wanted to work with me. She always does.
"Kels. I thought we were going together?" I asked her.
"We go with each other all the time. Go with Cameron or Eathan." She said as she walked away. What was up with her?
BEEP!BEEP! My phone beeped. "Come round my house @ 6. Ive got somethin 2 tell u... Kels xxx"

I stood outside Kels' door. I knocked the door gently. Ten seconds later she was there at the door with a weak smile on her face.
"Come in Holly." I walked awkwardly up to her room. She had a lovely blue room with a cream coloured curtain. I remember playing here when we were 5 and I died her dolls hair in red paint. She forgave me in the end.
"I've got something to tell you and you have to be born to secrecy." Kels said in a very serious tone. I knew this ment that I should NOT get on the wrong side of her.
"I'm a witch." Kels finally said.

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