With the secrets piling up, Holly, Kelsie and Ethan are faced with a very dangerous but exciting adventure!! Follow them to find out how to be good when you are bad!!


7. The mind reader

Tonight was a full moon. With Ethan being a werewolf and everything I was suprised to find out that I wasn't a dopleganger or something crazy like that. A dopelganer is someone who has a living, breathing version of themselves. Like a twin but not related by blood. The only reason why I bring up the fact that it was a full moon was because I was curious to find out is Ethan changed then. I must remember to ask him.

"Ethan, quick private question." I pulled Ethan to the side so I could ask him the question I have wanted to ask him since he told me. "Are you going to change tonight?" I blurted out in a whisper. I could almost see a frown creep over his forehead. I realised that he didn't want to talk about it.

"Sorry, I should have realised. Please forgive me!" I said quickly.
"No, no. It's fine and yes... I will turn tonight." He told me sadly. He sounded like he was going to be in pain. I didn't ask though.


  I saw the new kid, Damen, in school today. He looked to old to be in school. Damen patrolled up to me with a sort of strut. I tried to avoid looking into his eyes knowing that it if I do I will fall into his spell.

"Hey Holly right?" he asked me
"Yeah," I mumbled, still trying to avoid eye contact. "You must be Damen. The new kid."

"That's what everyone calls me. Why won't you look at me... To scared that I will put you under my spell!!" He replied as if he could read my thoughts.
"Actually, I can!" He said after a moment of akward silence.
"Can what?" I asked confused.
Read your mind, I expected him to say. In fact that was exactly what he did say. To be honest, it doesn't actually suprise me. My *BFFL's are witches and werewolves and know this freak can read my mind. This world is not really what I first thought it was.
"Your friends is a witch?" He asked me in a suprise tone. Of no! I didn't realise he can see flashbacks as well. Kels will kill me :(
"No, no, no!!! I'm just imagining what it is like in a world which I want to live in. I've always wanted to live in a fantasy. I read a lot of books about them and I think they are awesome." I babble when I lie. I think he could sense that.
Thoughts don't lie, if you are wondering. I thought. I bet that's what your going to say...
"Your right!" He replied to my thoughts. It was starting to creep me out.
*BFFL= Best Friend For Life...

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