With the secrets piling up, Holly, Kelsie and Ethan are faced with a very dangerous but exciting adventure!! Follow them to find out how to be good when you are bad!!


8. Seriously!

"Are you ready?" Kelsie says to me. I managed to convince her to do a spell! She said that she would do a spell on Maisy to make her constantly trip up!!! This is going to be so funny! 
"I've been ready since I was born!!! Here she comes!" I replied.  I heard Kels mumble something under her breath. She said "Fes Matos Sal Vis Nas Ex Malon, Terra Mora Vantis Quo Incandis, Et Vasa Quo Ero Signos!"
"Ahh" I looked up at Maisy and she was on the floor and everyone was laughing at her. Yes!!!
Suddenly everything went cold and started getting dark. What was happening?

"Holly, look at me." Said someone behind me. Her voice sounded familier. It sounded like my mothers. My mother died in a fire that burnt down her office. I miss her so much but I am scared that I am going to forget. "Holly, are you thinking about me?"
I turned around and I was so shocked that you would not believe what happened. I fainted! Seriously!


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