With the secrets piling up, Holly, Kelsie and Ethan are faced with a very dangerous but exciting adventure!! Follow them to find out how to be good when you are bad!!


12. Questions

It took me a while to get home since I was still trying to digest the news. Me? A doppelganger? Why? Why am I so important? Will he kill me? Obviously he is a vampire. Not all vampires are bad. Well, that is what I have seen in movies.
All of these questions where spinning around in my head as I was trying to make sense of it. Suddenly someone, quiet strong, leaped out from the bush. Classic. That person, or people I was not sure, gagged me then I heard a mans voice.

"Do not kill her. Remember. We need her. She is no use to us dead is she?" That was all I heard until I blacked out. I must stop doing that.

I saw a ghostly figure whist I was asleep. It was my mother again. This time she was trying to say something. I could see that she was worried by her eyes. I knew those eyes anywhere. Finally, she managed to say something.
"I'm sorry. They needed help."
What?! My mother set me up? How? What sort of a mother is she?


I woke up with a really stiff neck. At first I wondered where I was then I remember getting gagged and then hearing someones voice saying that they need me. Who would need me? 
I thought hard but my memory was blurred. Suddenly it all came back to me. James. He needs me because I am the doppelganger. I tried to sit up but my hands were tied together It felt like they were trying to cut off my circulation. Damn, it hurts. 
"Help, is anyone there? Help!" I cried. I could hear people outside the door. They must be guarding the door. The room that I was locked in was made out of metal. There was a hole in the door with bars on where people can pass food through. That means that I will not starve! As I was shouting for help, I managed to undo the rope tying my hands together. Once my hands were free, I undid my feat. Slowly, I got up and examined the prison. I was by the door and I grasped the cold handle with my hand. Slowly, as not to make any noise, I twisted it. Damn, it was locked. I was going to have to find another way out, I thought.
"There is no other way out." A voice from inside the room said. I had no idea where it came from.  The voice sounded familiar. Also, the person read my mind. I span round to see who I thought I would see. Damon. He was shaking in the corner of the room. He looked white as a ghost. I should know. My mother is one. 
"I wondered when you would wake." He said. Even his voice was shaking.  I strolled over to him. He looked at me and I saw that his eyes were blank and had no twinkle in them. I took off my denim jacket and put it on his shoulders. It seemed to take the shiver away but not much. 
"How long have you been here?" I asked Damon as I crouched next to him. I asked him in a hushed voice in case someone over heard them. "Why do they need you?"
"I have been here for a few days. They give me no food. If I were you, I would not come any closer. You do not know what I am." Damon replied.
Why should I not come any closer? I already know that he is a mind reader. That is not dangerous. Well, I think that it is not dangerous. This was confusing. Anyway, I took a small step back. Still in my crouching position.
"What are you then?" I asked curiously. 
"I am a vampire. A ..." it looked like he was struggling for words. "a good vampire. One with a soul. I am like a human that only eats blood." Everything went silent. After a long while we heard footsteps outside the door. I ran back to my corner and pretended that I was tied up.
"Is your girl awake yet?" The man - James, I believe- asked. His voice was like music to my ears. Weird. All of the noises around me were silenced when he spoke.
I looked up at the hole in the door. I saw to piercingly beautiful green eyes there. They were even more hypnotic then Damon's.
Wow, those eyes are gorgeous!, I thought. I forgot that they could hear my thoughts. Damon looked as if he was going to be sick and James looked amused. Oh no! Stop thinking! NOW! I suddenly heard a voice in my head saying
"She likes me already" That made me really confused. I did not think that.
James unlocked the door and my natural instinct was to run. I listened to them. At first James was caught my surprise but he still caught me. Damn. As he grabbed my arm to stop me from running, we both felt a warm current run down our spines. I could tell that he felt it because he shivered. The next two words he said made me confused and Damon look even more sick and horrified. He said;-
"The one."
"What?!" Damon and I said in unison. We meant it in different ways though. 

"The one," James gulped, still looking in my eyes "is when a vampire or human find their true love, soul mate. Whatever you call it. We connect in a way that we do not connect with anyone else. We can hear each others thoughts and as you experienced, warm currents. I never thought it would be you. I mean, I have to kill you. Stupid me. I should have killed Mary when I had the chance." He seemed angry and confused at the same time. Who was Mary? My other doppelganger?
"So your my...."Do I have to say it? "soul mate?" Ugh.
James just nodded.
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