With the secrets piling up, Holly, Kelsie and Ethan are faced with a very dangerous but exciting adventure!! Follow them to find out how to be good when you are bad!!


3. Friends Again?

"Oh hi Holly." Kelsie said to me.
"Hi Kels" I replied. I have decided what I am going to do.
"I'm sorry I've been avoiding you. I had to have time to think and I want you to know that whatever happens we will still be BFF's. I promise. I was stupid to have to think about and I really hope that you will forgive me." I said quickly wanting to get it all out. She looked completely abashed at my outburst. 
"Of course I forgive you. I completely understand. When I first found out I didn't believe it. I fainted twice as well!" Kels said in a warming tone. 
"Have you ever hurt anyone by accident?" I asked curiously. I have been wanting to ask her that for sometime but I could never find the right way to say it.
"No. My grams has taught me how to control my powers so that I can perform a spell but only when I want. Only one time I accidentally tied someones shoe laces together so they tripped over. It was quite funny actually!" She said in a laughing tone.
I started laughing. My friend was a witch! How awesome is that!
"Can you, like, get revenge on other people that are mean to us like Maisy?" I said in a hopeful tone. Maisy is a horrible idiot. She takes the mick out of everyone and what does she get from it? Populatrity? Friends? Of course not! She get enemies and people who who are only "Friends"  with her so she wont bully them. It's ridiculous. 
"I can but only tricks that wont cause perminant damage." She answered. Shame!! 
"Ok!! I've already got some tricks we can play on her!!!" I whispered in an excited tone!!



Dear Diary,
Kels and I are friends again, not very surprising really! She can play Tricks on Maisy!! Its going to be so awesome!! I also wonder why Ethan isn't talking to me. Well he is but he it is like he is avoiding me. It is really weird.

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