With the secrets piling up, Holly, Kelsie and Ethan are faced with a very dangerous but exciting adventure!! Follow them to find out how to be good when you are bad!!


2. Are you serious?

I stood there looking at her in disbelief. Did she just say what I thought she just said? Is she ....a witch? No I think I miss heard her. She cannot be. She my friend and why did she not tell me before?
"I'm sorry. I think I miss heard you. What did you say?" I said  in a whisper still staring at the floor feeling like an idiot.
"I said that I am a witch. I'm sorry I did not tell you earlier. I did not know how to say it and how you would react. Please forgive me. You have every right to be mad at me." She said this with a worried look on her face. How could I not forgive her. She has been my friend since we were born and she forgave me for my wrong doings. I cannot beleive that I am even considering that I should not forgive her.
"Of corse I forgive you. You are my best friend. I just need a bit of time to, umm,digest the shocking news. One second." before I know it the world around me went completly black.
I woke up with Kels shaking my sholders calling my name. I opened my eyes a little but only enough to see that she was incredably worried about me.
"You must promise NOT to tell anyone. Promise?" Kels said with a serious look.

"Promise" that was the last thing I said before everything went black again. Why me? Why my friend? Can she hurt people? Has she hurt anyone?



Dear Diary,
I've been avoiding Kelsie lately. After she told me her "secret" I have been working with Lizzie. She is my Best Friend now and we have been doing so much together. I know that I should have heard Kelsie out but I'm too scared to speak to her. What kind of a friend am I? Soon I will talk to her but I have nothing to say. Today she came up to me in the hall. She asked if I was OK and I tried to make small talk. I wasn't rude or anything I just didn't talk much. I have kept her promise but I'm worried. I'm worried. I'm worried.....

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