A World With No God Only Death

"I died at the hands of my mother now I'm a ghost."


1. Death Befalls Everyone

The door swung open. My mother just arrived home, drunk as always. She came through the door with a huge bottle of sake in her left hand. She walked over to the couch like a sloth. When she got to the couch she slatted on it and drank the sake that she had. I told mother "Mother you should get to bed you don't look too well." She turned and faced me "Shut up and get to bed" mother blurted out. I thought that mother would feel better with a cup of tea so I went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea for mother. I came out of the kitchen with the cup of tea in my hands. "Here you go mother." I said calmly not expecting what happened next. Mother got up, knocked the cup out of my hands, it smashed everywhere. "I thought I told you to go to sleep!" Then it all happened in a matter of seconds. Mother whacked me over the head with the bottle of sake.


Somehow I was looking at my own body on the floor. I saw the deep red blood flowing out of my head. I looked at my hands and saw they were transparent. Then I realised I was dead. The hatred of my mother all flowed out at once. I went to grab my mothers throat but my hands went strait through it. Then a shadowy figure appeared behind me. It was Death. "Come we must leave for the underworld." said Death. I followed. I turned back to look at my mother. She was staring at my lifeless shell and drank some more sake. I followed Death to the door but I had a chain on my foot. "I guess you still have some unfinished business in this world. Until you finish your business you can not pass on to the afterlife you'll be a lingering ghost." Explained Death. My unfinished business is to take revenge on my mother. By the way my name is Akane which means deep red and that's the colour of my mothers blood stained hands. 

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