Love, hate, betrayal

Liliana's life goes from being OK to falling apart. on her journey of bad events, she manages to experience love, hate and betrayal.


9. 9th chapter

Chapter 9

I question myself about the kiss on the end of his note; did he put it there by accident? Or did he mean to put it there? I suppose it’s not something big it’s not like he asked me on a date or anything.

“What did your letter mean?” I ask him at lunch

“It was a riddle, and the answer was towel.” Toby explains

“I knew it was a riddle but I didn’t know what the answer was.” I say

“Well you know now.” He says

He smiles then I smile and we hold each others gaze. That keeps happening one of us smiles then the other smiles.

“Do you wan’t to hang out with me at lunch?” Toby asks

“Sure, if you think you can put up with me.” I say

He laughs then carry’s on. For some reason I find his laugh funny but sweet at the same time.

“You don’t mind hanging out with boys do you?” he asks

“Well, I’m hanging out with you and I don’t mind, you are a boy aren’t you?” I ask jokily

“Yeh, I’m sure I am.” Says Toby laughing

“That’s alright then.” I say smiling

We hang out with the most revolting boys Jamie, Samuel, Gimmy and Fredrick but I just smile and don’t say much.

“Are you two together?” asks Samuel

“No, were just friends.” Says Toby quickly

“Oh I thought, sorry.” Says Samuel

The way he said sorry was almost like he didn’t mean it. And the way Toby answered the question Samuel asked was like he would rather date a pig then me but I’m not bothered.

“So are you going into the football team then Toby?” asks Jamie

“Probably, but only if there is enough room.” He explains

They blabber on like this all lunch. Just as they start to talk about girls (forgetting I’m there) I’m saved by the bell.

“Do you want to hang out again?” asks Toby

“Maybe, but if you didn’t talk about girls and football then yes.” I say sharply

“Sorry, what else am I meant to talk about, ponies.” He says

We start to laugh because of what he said (I think) and agree on hanging out again but only if I get to have a friend with me.

“Deal or no deal.” I say

“Deal.” Toby says laughing

“What lesson do we have now?” I ask

“We have art, I think.” Toby says

“Yes, I love art. But I’m rubbish at it.” I say

I’m surprised at what he says next because it’s really nice. Boys at my school aren’t normally nice to me but Toby he’s seriously nice.

“I bet you’re better than three artists put together.” He says

“I doubt it, I haven’t seen your art work yet because you’re new but I’m sure it’s good.” I say

“You don’t have to say that just because I said you’re good probably good,” says Toby

I find out I’m right and he is absolutely brilliant at art, he also finds out that I’m incredibly rubbish at art but he just says nice comments about it and smiles.

“Your really good at art, trust me.” He says kindly even though I know he’s kidding

“I’m not but thanks for making me think I’m good.” I say

We look at each other and take in what we look like. Toby has two beautiful blue and green eyes and lips that look like they need to be kissed.

“Wow, you have really nice eyes.” I say by accident

He doesn’t look surprised when I say that he just thinks of something to say back to me.

“Well your hair is really nice.” He says sweetly

“You don’t have to make things up just because I said something about you, even though it’s nice.” I explain

“What if I want to?” he asks

“Then I give you permission,” I say smiling

We glance at each other until the teacher snaps us back to reality.

“Could you come over to the middle table with your drawings.” Says Mr. Grendon

Everyone places their art book with the drawing showing on the table and we vote for whose is best (I’m sure you can guess who won, not me by the way.).

“Well done your work is brilliant, did you do a lot of drawing in your old school?” asks sir

“Well, my dad was an artist and I draw when I’m sad or bored.” Toby explains

Once Toby has got his prize (sweets) and everyone has sat back down Mrs. Dester comes in and takes me out of the lesson to have a talk.

“What’s the problem?” I ask

“Don’t worry too much, its just your brother has gone to hospital because he ate something he was allergic to.”

“But he isn’t allergic to anything.” I explain

I get a sick feeling in my throat and a scared feeling in my stomach, I wonder what it was he was allergic to, it could of been nuts.

“That’s interesting; anyway I thought you might want to go to the hospital to see him after school. I contacted your gran and grandpa but I couldn’t get hold of your mum.” Says the head teacher

“Why can’t I go now?” I ask

“Because you have school and he isn’t aloud visitors until tonight.” Mrs Dester says

“I want to go, NOW!” I shout

I hate Mrs. Dester for making me stay here, I hate her. I don’t feel like doing anything in the afternoon I

Feel like running away or even crying.

“Liliana, are you ok.” Toby asks me

It’s only when Toby said something that I realised I was actually crying.

“What happened?” he asks

I finally stop crying enough to tell him what happened with Brooklyn and somehow he gets me to tell him about my mum and where she’s gone.

“And she went to France to find my dad.” I say sobbing

“Shhh, its ok you have your grandparents, Brooklyn, the school and me,” Toby points out

“Yeh but, I’m sorry for going on about it we should probably get to class it started 5 minutes ago.” I suggest

I’m so glad Toby started at the school because he has really helped me get through this thing with mum and everything else.

“Just try not to think about it too much and concentrate on your school work.” Says Toby

“Yeh, I guess that might be a good idea.” I say

At the end of the day I have doubts about seeing Brooklyn in hospital with gran and grandpa because they will probably freak out and make me worried.

“Shall I come with you to the hospital?” asks Toby

“I’m sure ill be ok, but thanks for the offer.” I say politely

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