Love, hate, betrayal

Liliana's life goes from being OK to falling apart. on her journey of bad events, she manages to experience love, hate and betrayal.


8. 8th chapter

Chapter 8

On Monday Gran drives us to the bus stop and we catch the bus to school.

“Who’s that your mum?” says someone on our bus

“How funny.” I say sarcastically

I hate it when people make stupid comments like “oh, is that your mum she’s old enough to be my grandma” it seriously annoys me.

“Come on Brooklyn; let’s sit at the front away from these weirdoes’”

“Actually, I might sit with my friend.” Brooklyn says

Laughter fills the bus and I sit at the front. I really hate Brooklyn now for making me sit on my own.

“Thanks a lot Brooklyn.” I think to myself

“Liliana loner.” Someone says from the back of the bus

Great now that nickname is going to stay with me for ages. Now I really feel like crying but I will only get teased more if I cry.

“Just shut up,” says a voice

I recognise that voice infact wait no it can’t be, its Toby lynas. Then I find out I’m right because he walks over and sits next to me.

“Liliana, what a nice name.” He says

“Thanks, you didn’t have to sit next to me.” I say

He smiles and he makes me smile.

“So you’re new, do you like school,” I ask

“Smooch, smooch.” Says some immature boys on the bus

We ignore them and carry on with our conversation.

“Yeh, it’s definitely different from my old school in London.” Toby says

“Wow, you used to live in London; I’ve never been to London.” I say

“You should go, you’d love it.” Toby says

We stop and get off at school. I hate it on the bus because that isn’t the only time I’ve been teased by a boy called Charles and more annoying boys.

“This is our stop.” Says Toby

I smile again and a weird kind of laugh escapes my lips.

“What lesson have you got first?” I ask

“Drama, what have you got?”

“I think I have drama to.” I say

A warm kind of feeling runs through my spine that I have never felt before.

“Hi Liliana,” says Gillian

“Hey, oh yeh this is Toby.” I say introducing Toby

Ring ring, that’s the bell 1st lesson. I have it with Toby yes! I don’t know why I’m so excited.

“Diana.” Mrs Hepwort says

“Yes Mrs.”

I give Diana a long mean look; I’m still abit mad at her for some reason.

“Liliana, are you here?”

“Yeh, I’m here.” I say

Mrs goes through the register and then starts the lesson. It’s really fun because we get to make up a drama performance with the people we wan’t to.

“Get into groups of 4 please, and then make a drama performance.” She says

Someone taps my shoulder and I turn around.

“Can I am in your group?” asks Toby

“Sure, but I seriously don’t understand why you would wan’t to be in my group.” I say

He smiles.

“Who else do you want in the group?” he asks

“Maybe...Urm....Sarah and one of your friends.” I suggest

I can’t believe he wants to be in my group, I’m starting to think he actually likes me.

“Sarah, do you wan’t to be in my group.” I ask

“Yeh, but we need two more people.” She says

“We have two more people, Toby and his friend.” I say

“Who’s Toby?” asks Sarah

As Toby walks over I show him to Sarah.

“This is Toby.” I explain

“Hi, right what have we got to do then?” Toby asks

“Drama,” I say

We all start to laugh even though it wasn’t that funny. Once the half an hour is over we perform our performance.

“Well done Lillian’s group, good use of space and brilliant gestures, who is left to perform?” says Mrs. Hepwort

“Kylie’s group Mrs.” I say

The bell goes and my next lesson is horrible history with Miss Bosingher we call her miss bossy I don’t actually know why.

“You have history.” Says Toby

“How did you know?” I ask

“I didn’t I guessed, there different things.” He explains

“Are you in all my lessons?” I ask

We get our planners out and check what lessons we have. We have every lesson with each other.

“I guess were stuck with each other.” I say

He smiles then it turns into a laugh.

“It wasn’t even funny, or was it?” I say

“Well, I thought it was funny.” Toby says

I smile then he smiles, we always smile one after the other and we always smile at each other.

“Let’s get to history.” He says

“Yes, maybe that would be a good idea.” I say

When we get to history Gillian already saved me a seat, so Toby sits next to Jamie at the desk next to me. For some reason I find myself staring at him for most of the lesson like when he first came to the school.

“Liliana, Liliana.” Gillian whispers

“Yeh, what’s the matter?” I say out loud by accident

“Shhh, you’re meant to be listening.” Says Gillian

“Liliana, don’t talk over me.” Says Mrs. Bosingher

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” I say

I would usually get a detention, but today Mrs. just says “be quiet” and carries on with the lesson.

“What was the year of the battle of Hastings?”

“1956” says Diana

“No, can anyone answer it?” Mrs. asks

Just as I’m about to put my hand up to answer the question Toby drops his pen and bends over to get it and passes a note to me.

It says:


Hey, isn’t this lesson really boring,

What do you think?

When I dry I get wetter what am I?

Toby x

What does that mean, oh that’s it it’s a riddle. I try and work it out for the rest of the lesson but don’t get an answer. I read it over and over, when I’m about to give up I notice the kiss on the end of Toby.

“Could everyone pack up please, we have two more minutes of the lesson.” Says Mrs.

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