Love, hate, betrayal

Liliana's life goes from being OK to falling apart. on her journey of bad events, she manages to experience love, hate and betrayal.


7. 7th chapter

Chapter 7

When we get to there house they great us with big kisses. We say goodbye to Mrs. then go inside. Our grandparent’s house is very old looking and the wallpaper is very flowery.

“You have grown haven’t you?” Says gran

“I suppose we have.” I say

We move into the living room which is filled with leather cream sofa’s and flowery carpets, when we sit down, gran makes us tea to drink and grandpa lectures us on the war and tests us on geography.

“Where is......death valley?” asks grandpa

“That’s easy, it’s in urm..... Africa.” says Brooklyn

“No it’s in America, obviously,” I say showing off abit

“Well done Liliana,”

I do particularly well on the geography test even though it’s not my best subject. Brooklyn gets really annoyed when I’m better at things that him even though I’m older than him, he is very brainy.

“That’s really unfair, I’m younger so you should give me easier questions,” Brooklyn whines

“Ok, ok where is..... Devon?” I ask

“That’s way too easy.” He says

“Well you did ask for an easier question,” I point out

“Dinner!” shouts gran from the dinning room

Gran and grandpas house is massive; they have 6 rooms and 4 toilets (I counted). As we walk into the dinning room the smell from the food fills my nose and I sit down quickly and get stuck in. Then I remember that we have to say grace.

“Sorry.” I say

They look at me like I had just said a swear word then they forgive me. They absolutely hate swear words and if you say one they just stand there and look at you then send you to your room like your there child.

“Its ok love, I wasn’t expecting you to remember.”

“Let’s eat.” Says Grandpa after we had said grace

When we have finished eating we have baths then we go to bed.

“Liliana, how long are we going to have to stay here for?” Brooklyn whispers

“Not long, just until mum comes back or until we can find someone else to look after us.” I explain

When I said that I wasn’t very sure about it myself but Brooklyn seemed to calm down when I said it.

“Night night, try and get some sleep,” I say

“Yeh, I will.” He says sleepily


In a flash he is asleep. For some reason I can’t get to sleep even in a comfy bed like this. Then I hear gran and Grandpa downstairs.

“Brooklyn, Brooklyn.” I whisper

“I don’t want to go to Disney land.” Brooklyn says

I know he’s asleep because he always talks in his sleep, sometimes I can hear him from my room when I can’t get to sleep (like tonight). Now I can hear them shouting downstairs.

“What’s happening downstairs?” I ask myself

“No no, come back don’t leave me.” Brooklyn says in his sleep

For a minute then I thought he was talking to me but he wasn’t. The noises downstairs get louder and I find myself getting out of bed and creeping down the stairs to see what’s happening.

“Where are you going?”

I jump and almost have a heart attack from the fright.

“What are you doing up Brooklyn?” I ask

“I heard you getting out of the room.” He explains

“Sorry, you had better go back to bed I’m just getting a glass of water.” I lie

I wish I hadn’t woken him up by accident now because I could have found out what was going on downstairs.

“Why are you two awake?” asks gran startling us

“I’m getting a drink of water and I woke Brooklyn by accident.” I say quickly

“Ok, I will bring you a glass of water and you two get back in bed,” suggests gran

I don’t tell her I didn’t actually wan’t a glass of water I just thank her. I lie in bed and wait till morning until I finally fall asleep.

“Morning.” Brooklyn sings in my ear

“Morning.” I echo

We have breakfast then we go to church at 9:30am. After church we have to go to the supermarket to get shopping with gran and Grandpa (how boring).

“You can go and get one sweet or chocolate each.” Says gran handing us £1 to share

“Thank you,” we both say

We walk off to find the sweets and chocolates isle.

“What are you going to get?” Brooklyn asks me

“I haven’t decided yet.” I answer

“I’m getting a snickers bar.” He says

“Yuck, I hate nuts,” I say

When we get our chocolate bars and get out of the supermarket (finally) we go and visit our auntie karel and uncle Danni and their 3 year old daughter (Hannah), we go to the park near their giant house.

“How are you Liliana?” asks uncle Danni

“I’m good thanks.” I say politely

“Could I speak to you for just a minute?” Gran asks karel and Danni

“Yeh sure, maybe Liliana and Brooklyn can look after Hannah for a minute or two,” says untie karel

We look after her and take her on the climbing frames until they have finished talking. We walk back home and have lunch at 1:50 in karel and Danni’s house.

“Right well, we had better go I think. We need to get back to watch eastenders.” Says gran

“Ok, thanks for coming. We haven’t had anyone round since last month” says uncle Danni

Danni and karel don’t have a telly but they have a radio. They believe that if Hannah is alone in the living room then she might change the telly to something rude (I doubt it).

“Maybe we can come over another time and see you; we can bring Liliana and Brooklyn again.” Says Grandpa

“That would be lovely.” Says karel smiling

I hate it when she does that smile; it almost looks like she’s forcing herself to smile (not a good look).

“Bye.” Me and Brooklyn say

“Bye, see you soon. Say hi to your mum.” Says Danni

I think he’s wishing he didn’t say that.

“We will.” I say smiling

The rest of the day we relax and watch this really interesting but boring film on the war. We also watch eastenders and we get to choose a film from their giant film collection.

“What about......transformer’s?” Brooklyn suggests

“No, we have to watch megamind or jamanji.” I say

“Fine, we can watch megamind.” He says

The film ends at 9:30 and we go to bed at 10:00 after we have cocoa and marshmallows YUMMY!!!

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