Love, hate, betrayal

Liliana's life goes from being OK to falling apart. on her journey of bad events, she manages to experience love, hate and betrayal.


6. 6th chapter

Chapter 6

After school I get to go home and I get to miss my detention, RESULT! But I can’t go home because there’s no one to look after me or anyone to take me anywhere so I’m stuck. Ahhh

“Liliana, we have phoned your mum and she said she had sent us millions of messages and called us lots but we haven’t heard from her at all.” Says Mrs. Dester

“What do you mean?” I ask

“I don’t mean anything, but I just thought I would tell you.”

“How I am I getting home?” I ask

Please don’t say I’m coming in your car please. And if I’m going to my grandparents house then I think I’m going to kill myself here and save myself from the torture.

“You’re going to go in my car to your house to get some stuff and collect your brother then I will go and drop you off at your grandparent’s house.” She explains

“Oh, don’t you mean brothers and sisters?” I ask

“Well, your mother has taken George and Cara and Tilly persuaded your mum to take her so she’s gone to.” Says the head teacher

Now I’m thinking of what’s happening to Brooklyn and why he didn’t go with mum.

“What about Brooklyn, why didn’t he go?” I ask

“I’m not sure.”

I expect he refused to go; he never really liked going abroad. I love going abroad but mum never thought about asking me did she. How unfair!

“Oh, ok thank you for offering to take me to my gran and Grandpas house.” I say politely

“Don’t worry; we have to do something with you don’t we?” Mrs says jokily

As were driving to my house its total silence, all I can hear is the sounds that are outside or sound of the car engine.

“Here we are, I will come in and help you and Brooklyn get your stuff then we will go.” Says Mrs. Dester

As I unlock the door with my spare key I’m expecting mess everywhere but mum must have arranged for a babysitter/cleaner to come round and babysit Brooklyn and clean the house when he is at school.

“Hi, were here.” I shout

No reply.

“Hi.” I repeat

I walk into the house and Brooklyn is fast asleep on the sofa with a toy dog cuddled up with him. I walk over to Brooklyn and try to wake him up.

“Brooklyn, Brooklyn,” I whisper shaking him at the same time

“Brooklyn, wake up, I’m here.” I say

He wakes up surprised by my presence, and almost bursts into tears until he realises that Mrs. Dester is in the room.

“Where were you? Did you have the day off today?” Mrs. asks

“Yes, I didn’t know what to do, mum said I was allowed and... and,” says Brooklyn

Now he really does burst into tears and I immediately wrap my arms around him and start to rock him like a baby until he calms down.

“It’s alright, no one saw it coming no one thought that mum would have to rush off to France like that,” I say

“I know, I know but what are we going to do?” Brooklyn asks reaching for a tissue

“We are going to stick together and get through this ok, be strong.” I explain

“Yeh.” says Brooklyn sniffing

I don’t think I have ever seen Brooklyn cry before (apart from when he was a baby of course).

“Who is going to look after us? And why is Mrs. Dester here?” asks Brooklyn

“She’s going to take us to grans and Grandpas.” I explain

Brooklyn absolutely loves going to there house even if it’s just for a short visit. But today he didn’t seem as happy, who can blame him?

“Oh, why can’t we stay here? Just incase mum phones.” He asks

“Its ok I will let her know somehow, infact you could phone her while I get our things ready.” I suggest

“Where is the number?” he asks

“Near the phone, there should be her phone number. I doubt she would have left without leaving her mobile number.” I tell him

I decide I probably wont talk to her because mum has basically left us in England to go to France, I know it’s to find my father but she could have at least told me.

“Make yourself at home, we won’t be to long.” I say to Mrs. Dester

“Don’t rush; I’m not doing anything tonight anyway.” She explains

I say thanks then finally rush upstairs past Tilly’s room and into my room, I get the things I need and just as I’m about to leave the room I see something shiny on the corner of my dressing table.

“What’s that?” I ask myself

I pick it up and there’s a letter hanging from it, I’m curious about what it says and who it could be from. I read the letter and i says:

Dear Liliana

Please don’t think I have left you. I have decided to spend some of the money I received to buy you a present, please open it. I will return at some point but in the mean time stay strong and remember I will always love you. Xxx


The question that’s stuck in my mind is what present? I read the letter over and over to see if there were any mistakes. Then I realise what that shiny thing is, it’s a phone case.

“Did you mum brought me a phone?” I ask Brooklyn when I get downstairs

“No, did you know mum got me a skateboard?” Brooklyn asks

“Yeh, she got you it for your birthday.” I point out

“Right we had better get going.” Says Mrs. Dester

We wait for Brooklyn while he gets his things then we head to our grandparents house.

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