Love, hate, betrayal

Liliana's life goes from being OK to falling apart. on her journey of bad events, she manages to experience love, hate and betrayal.


5. 5th chapter

chapter 5 

Chapter 5

How am I going to get to sleep with all of this on my mind, I bet its going to take me ages.

“Morning, love.” mum says

“What do you mean, morning?” I ask

“Its morning and its school so you had better get up, sweetie.” mum says

I hate school but I like a few lessons, the only day of school I love is Friday. Oh wait it is Friday today YAY!!!

“Yes.” I say once my name is called out

“Yes miss, is what your supposed to say Liliana.” says miss

“Ok everyone because Mrs. Neil is sick I have to take this French class so make sure your good ok, I am called Mrs. Powelly.” says the supply teacher

I tear a small piece of paper out of my book and write: this lesson is so boring; also don’t you think Mrs. Powelly is a weird surname? And when Mrs. Powelly is looking at the whiteboard I pass the letter to Diana (my second best friend, obviously Rebecca is my bestest friend).

 “Excuse me, have you got something to share with the class?” asks Mrs. Powelly

“No, nothing miss powelly.” I say laughing

“Diana, do you have anything to share?” asks the teacher

“No, miss.” Says Diana

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, actually no urm, Liliana handed me this letter.” says Diana

“Thank you Diana, ok Liliana that’s an hours detention after school.” says the teacher

“But.... I have to,” I say 

“No buts, now listen to what I’m saying and try to do some work.”

“Thanks a lot,” I whisper to Diana

“That’s alright, anyway be quiet.” she whispers

“I was being sarcastic,” I whisper

I really feel like my friends are slipping away from me because Tina, Sarah and Jane have boyfriends so they go and sit with them and Rebecca has moved and everyone else are all goodie too shoes who are really good at school so I don’t have anyone to mess around with in lessons.

“Are you ok?” asks Gillian

“Yeh, I’m fine,” I answer

“Have you met the new boy?” Says Diana

“There’s a new boy.” I say surprised  

“Yeh his name is Toby, Toby lynas.” Gillian says

 “So is he in year 8?” I ask

We don’t get new people in our school at gumberland secondary school; well we very rarely do anyway.

“Yeh and he’s in our maths class.” Gillian says

“That’s our next lesson.” I say

“Yeh it is, are you excited about seeing the new boy lil?” asks Gillian

“Well, I don’t know.” I say

Ring, ring that’s the bell time to go to maths, I hate maths all we do is work, work and work, it would be great if I had a teacher who made the lesson fun like Mr. kendly or Mrs. moten.

“Bye everyone, see you at lunch.” I say catching up with Gillian

When we get into our maths class I quickly get a seat near the back so me and Gillian can mess around.

“Ok year 8, this is Toby lynas, as you can see he is new, go and sit next to Jamie I’m sure he will make you feel welcome.” says miss crinton

“Hi, I’m Jamie,” says Jamie

“Hello, I’m Toby.” says the new boy

Throughout the lesson I can’t help looking at Toby, then Gillian nudges me and I concentrate on the work again.

“Can you answer the question, Liliana?”

“What question?” I ask

“Right ok, come and sit at the front Liliana?” the teacher says

“Fine, I haven’t done anything though.” I say

For the rest of the lesson I’m passing letters to Gillian by sliding them on the floor, when the bell goes I get my bag and rush for the door but bump into Toby who says “sorry” and runs off.

“Wow he can run fast.” I say without thinking

“What do you like the new boy?” asks Gillian

“No, I’m just saying he can run fast.” I say blushing

“Ok, ok, calm down I was only teasing you,” says Gillian

“Anyway, I don’t know why you’re teasing me about liking Toby, you haven’t been able to take your eyes off him all lesson, Toby and Gillian sitting in a tree...” I say jokily but Gillian thinks I’m being mean

“That’s not true, just leave me alone Liliana” says Gillian walking away from me

As I go to my next lesson I notice a leaflet on a notice board in the hall advertising a club it says come and sign up for dance, you can choose from a variety of dances, we do ballet, street dance, hip hop, break dancing, tap dancing and many many more.

“Liliana why aren’t you in class?” asks Mrs. Dester (the head teacher)

“I was um, I’m lost.” I say

“I’m sure your not you’ve been here for a year, anyway I was just about to come and get you.”

“Why? I haven’t done anything.” I say

“I know, I know, could you just pop in to my office so we could just talk?” says Mrs. Dester

As Mrs. Dester leads me into her office, I realise that I still have the leaflet for the dance in my hands. When I get into her office I fold up the leaflet and put it into my bag.

“Do you like tea?”

“Yes.” I say

I get given a giant mug of tea, and realise I’m probably not going to finish it, and listen to what she has to say.

“So, I got a call from your mum, saying she had to be flown off to France, so she can help the police find your dad.”

“What, they haven’t found him?” I ask

Its funny being in Mrs. Desters office, you only go in here when you’re bad or if you’re going to photo copy something.

“No, I’m sorry, there still trying.” says the head teacher slowly

“But who’s going to look after me and my brothers and sisters?” I ask

“Oh yeah, I was also going to ask you if you have any uncles/unties or grandmas or granddads?” asks Mrs. Dester

“Your one step in front of me.” she says

I smile a little, and wonder why I’m doing it because it’s not even funny; I hold the cup of tea shivering even though I’m not cold. It very nearly spills over my school blouse.

“Ok, wow is that the time I need to get to a meeting, and you should be heading back to class.” Says Mrs. Dester

I leave the tea untouched and leave the office and shut the door behind me.

“Have you been, naughty?” a voice asks from somewhere

I recognise that voice but I’ve only heard it once or twice, I jolt my head to the side and see who is standing next to me. Of course it’s Toby the new boy.

“Why? does it look like I’ve been naughty?” I ask

“Well you are coming out of the principles office.” he points out

I smile then carry on, and rack my brains for something to say so that there isn’t any awkward silence.

“Why are you hanging out here then?” I ask

He laughs, and comes up with the silliest thing to say.

“I’m waiting to take the head teacher to dinner.” Says Toby

“Where are you taking her?” I ask laughing

Before he can answer the bell goes for lunch. I walk to the dinning hall which is quite far away from Mrs. Dester’s office. I walk to the dinning hall on my own until Gillian catches up with me.

“Why weren’t you in 3rd lesson?” she asks

“Mrs. Dester wanted something; I thought you weren’t talking to me.” I say

“I changed my mind, what did Mrs. Dester want?” she asks curious


Gillian can really get on your nerves sometimes when you don’t tell her something; she nags you and nags you until you tell her.

“Come on, you know I can keep a secret.” She says

She always flutters her eyelashes which usually gets me to tell her.

“Fine, but I can only tell you in private.” I say

“Ok, ok fine we can go to the toilets and you can tell me there.” she says

I wish I could think of something to say that isn’t what Mrs. Dester was talking to me about but my brain hurts so I’m going to try to stop thinking and relax (that might be a little bit hard).

“You never give up do you?” I say

“He he, I know but can you blame me, I love secrets.” Says Gillian

When I and Gillian get into the dinning hall there is a few tables left, we sit on the one nearest to a radiator and furthest away from the door.

“So, I have an idea.” says Gillian

“What is it?” I ask

“Well if you tell me what Mrs. Dester talked to you about I will tell you a secret of my own.” Gillian explains

“Ok, that sounds reasonable,” I say

This could be interesting; all of Gillian’s secrets are either crazy or silly. Sometimes they’re not even true.

“You have to tell me your secret first.” I say

“Ok, my secret is who I fancy,” says Gillian

“But I already know that.” I say confused

Gillian has fancied the same person since the start of year 8 and he isn’t even that hot.

“Well, I don’t fancy jimmy anymore.” she explains

“Who is it? I bet its timothy in our p.e class. You’re always looking at him.” I say

“No, I never look at him, ever.” Gillian protests

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