Love, hate, betrayal

Liliana's life goes from being OK to falling apart. on her journey of bad events, she manages to experience love, hate and betrayal.


4. 4th chapter

chapter 4 

Chapter 4

I wonder why mum is being nice to me now, I think for a minute then I run downstairs it could be a phone or dads back or even Rebecca has come to see me.

“Hi darling, I’m sorry that your not aloud a mobile, that’s just the way it is but we got you something much better.” mum says whilst revealing something from behind her back.

I can’t make out what it is. But it doesn’t look like a dog which is something I really want.

“Here take it, I put £10 in there for you towards a phone so if you get enough money for a phone before your birthday you can buy it sooner, so I would get saving quick darling.” mum explains

“Thank you so much.” I say close to tears, happy tears

“How come she gets money?” asks Brooklyn

“Well she’s older than you ok darling.” mum explains

I wonder where Tilly is I haven’t seen her since; I don’t know when I saw her last. Mum isn’t worrying so I shouldn’t be should I?

“Lil do you know where Tilly is?” mum asks

“No sorry, shall I go and see if she’s in her room?” I suggest even though I know she’s not in there

I go upstairs and go into Tilly’s room but she’s not there, I decide to go to my room and decide what I should write to Rebecca. I only come up with the first 2 sentences and then I get stuck.

“Mum please can you help me?” I shout

“I’m busy love.” mum shouts back

Ring ring, ring ring, that’s the phone mum will get it I’m sure. Wait that doesn’t sound like our house phone I think its coming from Tillys room, I go and check and it stops I find that she has left her phone in her room, because I’m nosey I check her phone to see who phoned I don’t recognise it but the number is: 01884861960.

“What are you doing in here love?” mum asks, startling me

“Nothing I was um just looking for something that Tilly borrowed.” I lie

“Ok, now go to your room I’m sure Tilly wouldn’t want you to go in her room, would she?” mum says

“No.” I say whilst heading to my room

I still have her phone in my hands because I don’t want mum worrying, because she gets worried when Tilly doesn’t take her phone with her. When I’m in my room and my door is closed I look at the phone again and then it starts ringing.

“Hello, who is it?” I say answering the phone

“Shhh, it’s me. Tilly” says Tilly almost whispering

“Where are you? and how are you calling me if your phones here?” I ask

“Have you heard of payphones? Anyway stop asking so many questions lil.” says Tilly

Wait a minute; did Tilly just call me lil? She never ever calls me lil but I can’t count how many times I have told her to call me lil. She still calls me Liliana.

“What’s the matter? Please tell me?” I ask

“Well do you really want to know?” asks Tilly winding me up

“What do you think? Just tell me come on.” I say starting to get angry

“Fine don’t tell mum but....” says Tilly pausing

Now there are horrible thoughts going through my head, about what it could be she’s about to tell me.

“Carry on.” I say

“Well i-i-i need your help, I’m in really big trouble.” Tilly says

“Why? What happened?” I ask

“Ok you need to help me because I’m stuck in tavinstow and I have no money for a cab, and I don’t know where everyone is.” Tilly explains

“How did you end up in tavinstow?” I ask

I wish I had just let mum answer the phone because this is another problem I have to solve.

“I don’t know, please don’t tell mum?” Tilly begs 

“Why can’t I?” I ask disappointed

“Because I text mum saying I was at Darren’s, but I’m not I’m here.” Tilly says sobbing

Darren is Tilly’s boyfriend and to be honest I think he hates me infact he hates all of us apart from Tilly of course.

“I don’t know what to do Tilly, how am I supposed to help you I can’t drive and come and get you can I.” I say annoyed

“Fine I will sort it out myself then.” says Tilly

“Just let me tell mum, please?” I ask

“NO.” Tilly shouts

“Fine.” I say

Then I end the call and throw Tillys phone on my bed and it bounces of on to the floor. I quickly check if it’s ok and hide it before mum sees me with it.

“Lil, what was that?” mum asks whilst walking into my room

“Nothing.” I reply

“It didn’t sound like nothing,” mum says

Before I can stop myself I blurt out that Tilly is in trouble then try to convince mum it was a joke.

“What do you mean Tilly is in trouble?” mum asks

“Where is Brooklyn?” I ask changing the subject

“Don’t changes the subject Liliana, now tell me what’s going on NOW.” mum says angrily

“Nothings going on and leave me alone I’m doing homework.” I shout

“I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s happened to Tilly,” mum says loosing her temper  

I can’t tell mum because if I do Tilly will probably kill me and...

“Tilly is stuck somewhere and she has no money.” I blurt out

“Stuck where?” mum asks

“I can’t say.” I explain to mum

Ring, ring, I answer the phone and it’s Tilly. I pass it to mum but she passes it back to me and says quietly that I should tell Tilly that she should tell mum and then I should pass it to mum.

 “I really need your help quick.” Tilly says in a half crying half annoyed voice

Mum sits down on my bed quietly and tells me to hand the phone over, I hand it over and mum holds it up to her ear and listens to what Tilly is saying.

“Hello, are you there?” Tilly asks

“Yeh I’m here,” I shout

Mum puts here finger over here mouth and Tilly carries on.

“Right you haven’t told mum have you?” asks Tilly

“Well she might of.” mum says

“Mum have you listened to the whole story?” Tilly asks

“Well most of it, look darling if you had contacted me I would of sorted it out and anyway all I need to do is come and get you I’m sure I could get a baby-sitter to come and look after Cara, George, Brooklyn and Liliana.” mum says

Mums being surprisingly nice to Tilly, she must be drunk. But she normally can’t even walk when she’s drunk.

 “Well it’s not as easy as that.” says Tilly

“What do you mean?” mum asks

“Well I knew Liliana was going to blab so I told her that I was in tavinstow and I didn’t have any money for a cab but...” says Tilly pausing

“Carry on.” mum says

“Well I’m in j-j-j-jail; I’m in jail for robbing a shop.” Explains Tilly

I just remember that Rebecca’s brother went into jail for robbing a shop and so has Tilly, weird. Mum looks so surprised that she basically drops the phone and bursts into tears.

“Mum it’s alright, Tilly will be ok.” I say taking in what Tilly just said

“It’s not Tilly I’m crying about, it’s your dad.” Mum says

For some reason I forgot about dad, I know its stupid but with everything else going on I just forgot about him.

“What, he’s ok isn’t he?” I ask

“I got a call from his boss saying, he’s gone missing.” says mum sobbing

“Gone missing, what do you mean gone missing?” I ask

Then there is a faint “hi, I’m still on the phone by the way guys, and I pick it up off the floor and press end call. Then I realize that mum has almost gone frozen and she is crying more then ever now.

“Mum, mum are you ok?” I ask

“What, oh yeh I’m fine just overwhelmed by all of this.” Mum says

(Baby crying) that must be Cara or George; before mum has a chance to get up I go and see what the problem is.

“Hello Cara, what’s the matter?” I ask

Of course Cara isn’t going to answer back, but what else am I going to say. I can’t get the thought of dad lieing on the floor in an alley way beaten up and mugged by some gang in France. Or even killed, oh no why did I think of that now I’m going to cry.

“I really hope dad is alright.” I whisper to Cara

“I do to baby but we just have to stay strong.”

I put Cara in her cot so I can hug mum, instead of hugging her I cry onto her shoulder and she puts her hands around me.

“What if he’s dead?” I say

“Shhh, don’t think of such silly things.” says mum stroking my hair


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