Love, hate, betrayal

Liliana's life goes from being OK to falling apart. on her journey of bad events, she manages to experience love, hate and betrayal.


3. 3rd chapter

Chapter 3

Don’t you hate it when you try to solve a problem and it all goes wrong? Well I agree. 2 weeks ago I tried to solve the problem with my best friend and now look what’s happened she’s moved back to lovenshire where we were both born and its all because of her brother I think its too complicated I’m confusing myself here. Hopefully she’s going to visit me soon or even phone me.

“I can’t wait to go to school.” shouts Brooklyn

“You weird boy.” Tilly says

“I was joking obviously,” explains Brooklyn

It’s funny that when I walk into a room everyone starts fighting.

“Idiot.” Brooklyn mumbles

“You two stop it,” mum shouts from the other room.

“Stop what.” Tilly asks

Is that the phone yep that’s the phone, shall I get it or not? It might be Rebecca. Before I know it I’m on my feet running for the phone.

“Get the phone someone please I have the twins in my hands.” mum shouts

“I’m going, I’m going.” I say

I wonder who it is, please be Rebecca please.

“Hello.” I say into the phone

“Hi Miss Mctestly, is your mum there?” says the lady on the phone

I can’t make out who it is, it’s definitely not Rebecca because she has a sweet voice but this lady has a rough almost low voice, I’m not actually sure if it’s a lady or a man.

“Yes she’s here, but who is it?” I ask nicely

“I’m your dads boss, could you pass the phone to your mum please dear?” the lady asks softly

“Mum dads boss is on phone for you.” I say walking into the living room over to where mum is

“Thanks love, you wouldn't mind looking After George and Cara would you?” mum asks

I wonder why she’s being so nice mum doesn't usually let me look after Cara or George on my own, for some reason I feel grown up but that’s stupid isn't it.

“yes i'm sure i can.” I say 

(Waaaa) Cara is starting to cry and George isn't far behind her. I’m trying to keep them quiet so that mum isn’t distracted by the noise but its hard work, I don’t know how mum does it she’s amazing and we take her for granted especially Tilly.

“Shh, don’t cry.” I say

I’m tempted to sing them a lullaby but I resist, I hate my singing and if mum or anyone else come in then they will hear me and I get embarrassed easily. Mums been about 5 or 10 minutes on the phone now. I wander what there talking about.

“Hi darling thanks for looking after them for me you’re great with them.” mum says as she walks in the room.

 “Really thanks, mum why was dads boss on the phone?” I ask

“She was just saying that his flight home isn't until two weeks time or more so he might be in France for longer, OK love?” mum says

I swear mums eyes are watering, I really hope that everything’s alright maybe mum is missing dad because I know I am.

“Are you OK mum?” I ask

“Yep I’m fine love, maybe you should go and check on Tilly and Brooklyn they might of pulled each others hair out by now.” mum says close to tears

“ OK.” I say

I go and check on them and there fine, I think Tilly must have gone upstairs because she’s not in the kitchen.

“Where’s Tilly?” I ask

“I don’t know, I think she’s upstairs.” Brooklyn says

I think I’m going to go upstairs because I can’t be bothered to help Brooklyn with anything and mum wants to be on her own, and I don’t know about Tilly she’s probably texting her friends (if she has any). It’s my birthday in 1 month and I’m hoping to get a phone so I can text Rebecca.

“Tilly are you in your room?” I ask whilst I’m standing outside her room.

I poke my head round the door and she’s not there. She must be outside or she’s gone to the mall with her friends.

“Tilly, where are you?” I ask

Why am I wondering where she is I don’t even care about her so why would I want to know where she is, I think I will go to my room because I’m feeling quite tired.

“Liliana its dinner come downstairs.” mum shouts

I must have fallen asleep because I’m sure it was something like 12 when I came upstairs.

“Liliana you must be starving you didn't even come down for lunch, I called you and I sent Brooklyn upstairs to tell you to come down but he told me you were fast asleep.” says mum

“Well I was tired, what’s the time?” I ask

“6:30, darling.” mum answers

“How long was I asleep for?” I ask

“I’m not sure, about 6 hours.” says mum

Ding dong, ding dong, the door bell is ringing; I wonder who that could be.

“I will get it.” I say

It could be dad, but that’s silly his boss only just phoned today.

“Hello.” I say

“Who is it?” mum shouts

“The postman.” I answer disappointed

“Thanks for the post,” I say

We usually have a nice post man but today he just grunts when he gives me the post then he gets back in his red van. There isn't much post in my hands only bills for mum and dad and wait is that a letter with my name on it I open it immediately. We don’t normally get post only on special occasions like Christmas or birthdays. It’s from Rebecca and it’s written in posh pretty writing it says:

Dear Liliana

I really miss you; I’m so annoyed about having to move. I love lovenshire but I love Hartforden even more. Please tell me if there is any news that I must know.  How are you? Please write back my address is:

Redden street



EX23 YT2

Love from Rebecca xxx

p.s BTW I have a mobile so when you get one we can text.

The first thing I think is I need to get a phone. I’m only aloud one when I’m 13 and my birthday is in about 2 or 3 months. I’m not counting because I always loose track of how long it is.

“Lil can I have the post please darling?” mum asks

“Yeah sure, here it is.” I say passing it to mum

“What took you so long? all you had to do was get the post and bring it in.” says Brooklyn jokingly 

“Well I got a letter from Rebecca.” I say

“Oh did you what did it say?” mum asks

“She wrote in the letter that she missed me and that I should write back, also that she has a mobile, can I have a mobile? Please.” I ask

“Darling you know you can’t have a mobile until your 13.” mum says

“But- but I would be able to text Rebecca and if I’m in trouble at school and I need to text you then I could text you and everyone who has them.” I explain

Mum doesn't look convinced. Without thinking I burst into tears and run to my room.

“Oh dear, shell be fine she’s just annoyed.” mum says

I hate her, I hate her it’s so annoying everyone has a mobile, everyone. It’s so unfair I’m old enough I bet Tilly had a mobile when she was 12.

“Lil come down please darling?” mum asks

“I’m not hungry.” I snap back

“That’s OK more jelly and ice cream for us then yummy.” says mum

“I want jelly and ice cream.” I say not thinking

“Oh you said you weren't hungry.” says mum

I just want her to leave now I’m so mad at her that I could kick her out of my room and slam the door.

“Just leave me alone.” I shout

I hate getting in a fight with mum, but mum isn't fighting she’s teasing me it’s so annoying. I think about apologizing but I don’t need to apologize do I. No of course I don’t I haven’t done anything wrong. I feel really bored in my room, even though I have lots of things in my room like toys and games I just can’t be bothered to move from my comfy bed.  

“Liliana come downstairs, we have a surprise for you darling.” mum says whilst shouting  

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