Love, hate, betrayal

Liliana's life goes from being OK to falling apart. on her journey of bad events, she manages to experience love, hate and betrayal.


2. 2nd chapter

Chapter 2

Is it morning already it seems like I only went to bed a few minutes ago (but I can’t have done). I can hear a faint sound of music in the background and instantly I can tell its mums alarm clock. She has a radio which is an alarm clock as well. It usually wakes me up and it wakes mum up as well but mum has the twins to wake her up so she gave it to me.

“Morning darling.” mum almost sings it when I come downstairs in my school uniform for breakfast.

“Morning.” I say

“Tilly.” mum shouts

“What?” Tilly shouts back?

Tilly works as a waitress and she’s never on time she’s always 2 or 3 minutes late. I’m surprised she hasn’t been fired but the people she works for are lovely.

“Come for your breakfast and get ready for work, Tilly you can’t be late again.” mum shouts

Brooklyn comes running downstairs for his breakfast and then Tilly walks down the stairs after him.

“Your going to be late darling.” says mum

“No I’m not, just leave me alone if I’m late I’m late, if I’m not I’m not,” says Tilly angrily

“I’m only warning you.” explains mum

“Well I don’t need to know if I’m going to be late.” says Tilly almost shouting.

I hate it when they have a little row, I’m glad I’m not mum who has 5 children, she basically has to look after us herself because dad works long hours and he has gone to France because of his work. He is a chef (by the way) and he does all sorts of cooking but his favorite cooking is French cooking. He has gone to France. I think it’s because he needs inspiration or something. Mum has to look after us for a few days on her own.

“Oh you had better get ready to go now love, can you get Brooklyn ready then catch the bus, remember...” mum says

“Watch the road and be careful and get to school carefully.” I say finishing mums sentence.

“Exactly, good girl.” mum says in a lovely, soft voice

Mum kisses me then I get me and Brooklyn ready and we catch the bus, I can’t stop thinking about what Rebecca is going to tell me. I sit next to Ella, opposite belle and behind shontelle and Kelly and they are all my friends which is good. Unfortunately I’m not on the same bus as Rebecca but I’m in most of her classes.

“Liliana are you OK?, you look worried.” says Ella

“I’m fine.” I say confused

I don’t think I’m worried maybe it because of Rebecca but I’m not that worried about it. Maybe I am because I can’t stop thinking about it; it can’t be bad can it. I hope it isn't bad.

“Were here lil.” belle says

I must have been day dreaming because I’m sure we were 15 minutes away and now we are here. I’m confused but glad we are at school because I can try and get Rebecca to tell me her secret.

“Hi becks,” I say

Is she crying, I have never seen Rebecca crying before and I’ve known her for ages, well maybe once but she was crying with laughter.

“What’s the matter?” I ask

She doesn’t reply, I sit down next to her until she wants to tell me why she’s crying.

“Shall we go somewhere where no one can hear us?” I ask

Rebecca nods her head; we go to a bench in the playground that’s perched under a tree. After a few minutes of snuffles I finally get her to tell me.

“What’s the matter?” I ask again 

“Well my brother, has-s-s gone to jail.” Rebecca says crying even more.

“What max, your 16 year old brother?” I ask

“ Yeah.” Rebecca says snuffling 

“Oh no, what happened?” I ask her

“Well the night before yesterday he went to a party with a friend which was OK  but he drank a lot and ended up robbing a shop he was caught but his friend got away.” explains Rebecca.

“What does your mum think of him now?” I ask.

“She doesn't know.” Rebecca says.

The bell rings, I go to French and Rebecca goes to maths. We can sort it out in lunch I hope but I don’t know what we can do if her mum doesn't know. I can’t loose any sleep over it though. I can’t concentrate now that I’m thinking of how she must be feeling I try to forget but I can’t.

“Can you answer the question Liliana?” Mrs. Neil

“What question?” I ask

“Were you not listening?” asks Mrs. Neil 

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